U.S. losing ground in all global Markets

Although many of the people in the United states feel personally attacked by Trump, the global scale of dissidence for Trumps posture on policy is even more evident. With recent coverage of Mike Pence’s speech in front of a Munich Security Council, Pence asks members of the EU to dissolve the Iran Deal which Trump and the United States left in May of 2018. With the Iran Deal still intact, it gives the country a legitimacy factor within global negotiations, this affects what the type of force the United States Military  can apply to Iran Directly. Many of the same tactics that are being used in the Middle East correlate to the recent revelations within Venezuela. While Murado might not have been the perfect leader, trying to explain that implementing Democracy by appointing a leader of a country, seems nothing less than ironic.

gty-pence-1-er-170218_12x5_992.jpgUnited States “global posturing” isn’t news in the slightest, but it seems domestic tribulation as well as global opposition has led to many other countries turning to opportunistic endeavors. The EU decision first and foremost shows exactly how much of a wedge the current admin has levied between itself and the largest market in the world. The vision of Brexit once seemed like a tandem with Making America Great Again, but Mueller has now subpoenaed a prominent voice within Brexits Initial launch.Mike-Pence-Munich-8.jpg Although the most vocal amongst the EU leaders – Angel Merkel was unimpressed by Pence’s calls for the EU to trash the Iran deal, she voiced opinion as to resolve ongoing confrontation between the EU market and Russia. Trends discussed by many within the United States government also point to not only Russia’s oil output in the EU increasing, but also increasing within the Chinese market. In light of a terrorist attack in India that is being directed towards Pakistan, most recently China directed a $3.5 billion dollar loan to Pakistan, which was met by Russia signing a $7 Billion dollar weapons deal with India. Although these might not seem  like massive investments, it trends towards universal market control shifting. Blame it on Russians taking over markets (including Trump influence) or blame it on the fact Trump isn’t as good of a negotiator as you think, the reality is apparent.

If Trump isn’t a directly controlled puppet it would seem he has done everything in his power to leave a massive vacuum  that is being taken over by China and Russia. If these connections stem from the 2016 election chances are Trump doesn’t even make it the full 4 years as president. Paul Manafort could be looking up to 20 years for his role in lying to investigators, as it seems the Mueller investigation is never ending. Somehow where ever Trumps finger prints are found they are accompanied by Russian ones as well.



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