Democratic answer to Trump is their own Spoon-fed politician. Beto O’Rourke

It seems like only yesterday we were watching a 70-Million-dollar campaign for an “Underdog” Senator in Texas. While Beto endured ridicule over his past DUI conviction as well as his prior run ins with the law, it appears many people have no actual idea of who the man behind the massive funding is. Son in law to Real Estate tycoon William Sanders , whom sells real-estate everywhere – from Europe to the Middle East, and even in Russia and Asia, Beto is a 46 year old politician with plenty of connections do to his marriage. Zero Hedge did some investigating of their own and confirmed what I had thought from the jump. 2020roundup-0111-16x9Wall Street, Mega donors, and no resume for policies to show the American people. At least with Hillary, Bernie, & Biden, you know what you’re getting. Many of these candidates have proven that although they might take money from wall street and mega donors, they’ve stood firm on a wide range of policy decisions that were accompanied by ridicule. Hillary’s women’s movement has made more progress over the last half decade than any other group in the United States. Biden was VP to perhaps the most popular president in the last century, and Bernie has stood up for the rights of African Americans and marginalized groups since he was in college.

Who is Beto’s target crowd? He’s a middle-aged man, from Texas with a few blemishes on his criminal record, who seems to have hit the lottery in marriage. While many outlets claim that Beto is a “grassroots” movement I find that extremely farfetched. While reading his background it appears he is a robot, worked on panels for women’s rights, Mexican rights, black rights, was in a punk rock band, and the DUI conviction makes him seem real – BUT. He’s never done anything for the state of Texas, or anyone for that matter. He’s simply gathered enough points on paper to make his resume look extremely authentic without standing for anything in a public format.



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