Hindsight is 2020

In 2018 we saw the largest number of women elected to Congress. Watching the congressional campaigns of these women made me realize one thing –

This would have never been possible without a Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential Run.

Many of these women had taken quotes, messages, and the unmistakable aura Hillary Clinton carried herself with during the 2016 election. It is as if Hillary has written a playbook for unapologetic Strong women, fighting for their rights in a political world dominated by Men – and every woman politician has studied it front to back.

During the 2016 presidential campaign one candidate started a women’s movement that saw protestors and massive amounts of marching members, while another bragged about his ability to unify the world with his “art of the deal”. We seem to be on a path where coincidence is scarce, and it seems as if the captain of the ship, and the ship itself, have a completely different idea in direction.

I bring up these two aspects of Hillary and Trumps personas specifically for one reason. THESE TRAITS WOULD DEFINE THEIR PRESIDENTIAL TERMS.

Donald Trumps biggest deal to date is not even much of a deal. North Korea is testing new weapons as we speak, and seems to be fine without a clear peace offering to the United States. Tax reform did what we all expected, and gave the bottom 50% of tax paying citizens crumbs, and There are so many tariffs on other countries around the world, GM might need another bailout and farmers across the United States are feeling the burden. All of these great deals makes me feel like there’s no need to reiterate the division Trump has caused, domestically, as well as globally.

The movements that gained popularity during Hillary’s run; immigration, women’s rights, Black Lives matter, and gun regulation , all seem to be exactly where the ship (The United States) is heading. So what Hillary didn’t win the 2016 election? The foundation she laid in 2016 has continued to thrive and be built upon. You can’t tell me the vision that Trump set out to accomplish in 2016 isn’t falling apart. The wall is more of a joke than anything, stopping immigration from other countries didn’t last long, and now he has a caravan traveling to the United States in which he has given orders to use force to stop these people seeking asylum.

Trump ran an anti-Hillary campaign, about a unprotected email account, which we now find out is exactly what Ivanka Trump has been using to talk about policy. Pair that with the fact Manafort has been convicted of lying under oath about Hotel meetings with Russia, and it seems the anti-Hillary foundation is close to being completely wiped out.

What I am saying is that without Hillary, we might never have been able to witness some of the giant leaps forward America has made, no credit to Trump – The amount of young activists and fighters of liberty have grown. Although her foundational message didn’t win her the presidency in 2016, the message has grown, if not flourished. In some respects Trump does deserve some credit. Without his hate speech directed towards immigrants, minorities, and women, we would never have known truely what Hillary was fighting for. Now three years in to Trumps presidency, we’re closer to a war with Iran, Syria & Russia – and the trade war with China is hurting American citizens. Lack of respect for the environment has alienated many other countries around the world that weren’t already turned off by the way “Trump does business.”

What else does the right wing have to throw at Hillary? “She’s ran multiple times and never won, so it’s time to give up?”

If you read that playbook I mentioned in the second paragraph, my guess is Hillary is not only is going to run again in 2020, but is going to win, by a landslide.

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