Going forward with Brexit: A catastrophe waiting to happen

Since the inception of Brexit, the idea of creating Britain’s own market away from the EU oversight was been reliant on one thing; The United States & Trumps full support for helping the U.K. in its early stages. Not only has Trump given the cold shoulder to Teresa May, but the entire U.K. population as well. There was a time when Trump was very vocal about the Brexit vote, applauding the fact that Britain would finally evade the economic grip of the EU. 2018-07-10-MayTrumpWhile the EU isn’t some super power conglomerate -although it would like to be–it does hold vital pieces of policy which bind Europe’s countries together economically ensuring neighbors within the continent receive certain trade benefits from other countries. The purpose of Brexit was to allow Britain to become free to negotiate its own trade agreements either individually or package them as it chose. The problem now years into the supposed move is the plan relied on some generosity from its supposed number one ally in the United States. While Theresa May lulls over the tradeoff of diving head first blind folded into a Globally Economy that is nothing less than Turbulent, EU oversight seems to be looking more secure to Britain’s economy.

Brexit has become the Dream of moving to a new location, starting a new life, and all the wonderful things that could be possible. Only to find out there is no safety net and no one is there to help you. To make matters even worse, while May tries to keep the relationship with the EU cordial which would allow it still benifit from new tradefocuseconomics_january_biggest_economies-01.jpg agreements if Brexit were to happen, Trump has his sights set on pushing a wedge between the two. In a almost predictable rhetoric expressed by Trump, his solution to the Brexit problem is for Theresa May is to Sue the EU. While Britains economy is far from the bottom of the list on countries in the world, it is in no way prepared to step away from the EU, and push an agenda which would  alienate itself from its neighbors.

Although backlash might stem from Mays decision to postpone or take a softer stance on the Brexit move, it would be one to ensure that the economy of the U.K. isn’t left with a catastrophe on its hands. To think that Trump will somehow become the perfect trade partner to the United Kingdom once Brexit is finalized would be one of the biggest mistakes in the countries history, something that could effect generations of citizens negatively is not something Theresa May wants on her record.

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