Forget North Korea, can Trump stop Israeli genocide of Palestinians

Recently there has been expressed concern over the GAZA conflict between Palestine and Israel. Much of the destruction is attributed to HAMAS and the terrorist organization whom obviously has no intention of 1018316866a peace treaty in which the people of Palestine gain freedoms and access to things many of us take for granted. Although may pro Israel sources attribute the deaths in GAZA and Palestine to “Explosive/Incendiary Balloons” retaliation, many of the bystanders who have been killed by the IDF have been protestors, children, and medical aid professionals, who are fighting for things such as clean water, adequate medical care, and the ability to use electricity for more than four hours a day.

Over the last 2 months more than 9,000 Palestinians have been shot by Israeli Military in protests at the Gaza Stip. On May 14th, the United States moved their embassy to Jerusalem signifying Americas support in a Jerusalem capital. Following this move, more than 2,700 protestors were shot or injured by the military. Israel has claimed that they are only targeting Hamas terrorists, but more shaking news was 8 children a handful of medics and journalists are in the recent death toll that is being accumulated by the IDF.


Were this to happen on United States soil, or say the border between Mexico and the United States, outcry would spark. We have to face the fact that Israel has become and extension of the U.S. Government or what seems to be closer to the truth – The U.S. Government has become and extension of Israel. The United States has turned down an inquiry into the Gaza conflict which seems to be the most alarming aspect of it all.

Current news shows Jared Kushner and Donald Trump have announced that there is a Middle East peaceful resolution in the works. At this time we have few details, but assuming this encompasses many of Israels relationship with Palestine. The human rights violations are evident, we see in the United States where children being separated from their parents & the flint water crisis that many people see these topics as ones that deserve immediate attention. Imagine those things, partnered with other social issues happening in an enclosed space in which the people had not even the option to leave and search for a better place to live. That is Palestine.

What has been alarming about the peace plan is the  disconnect between the Pro Netanyahu members and Arab countries that say Palestine deserves its own Say in all of this.


Israel Hayom also quoted a senior Jordanian official, who warned of the Palestinian leadership being rendered “irrelevant with respect to the peace process.”
“Arab states will not be the ones to throw a wrench ‎in the wheels of the peace process, and that Abbas’ ‎continued refusal to work with the Americans will ‎lead to a regional peace plan being launched without ‎him,” the Jordanian official said. ‎

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Osama Hamdan, member of the Hamas movement’s politburo in Lebanon, said the Arab states are being used by the US to exert pressure on the Palestinian Authority. –

One has to wonder if the United States going to continue to “fight terrorism” with Israel by attempting to take over countries and implement new governments. This tactic has been unsuccessful is almost every Middle Eastern country and a number of African countries, so maybe a new direction is needed to ensure these countries whom have witnessed the wrath of the United States Military complex, can see the United States ability to ensure their country can prosper and be brought to the table in instances where peace is the final goal.`

It is obvious that a number of United States Government officials have refused to see any wrong doing on Israels part, and if this is the continued tone of the Middle Eastern peace policy, we can assume the deal will be unsuccessful.

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