It is time for World Powers to lead by example: United States lacking vision

There is no secret to the division that Donald Trump has caused since becoming president of the United States. This has not only become prevalent within America – racial, cultural, positions of power (police brutality & politicians), but also on an international scale.

The list on conflicts between the United States and other countries is unprecedented under Trumps presidency. Between the ten examples mentioned above more than 20 countries have become implemented, many first world countries who’s voices Trump seems to disregard when it comes to International Diplomacy. What was once a country that lead by example, has begun to see its international influence decrease. Where other countries & leaders see potential to show inclusion and unity, the United States (Donald Trump) has displayed the vision moving forward, as one where the foundational aspects of America need to regress in order to “Make America Great Again“.

The most recent display of disconnect from the world has been Israel shooting over KH113_2-489278.jpg10,000 Palestinians since March 10th 2018 while killing over 100. Although Israeli media and others insinuate they are only killing Hamas terrorists, recent revelations have proven contradictory. A number of children, disabled, and journalists have been killed on the Gaza Strip protesting and covering the clash between Israel and Palestine. The UN recently held a meeting to discuss the apparent violence that has occurred, during which UN ambassador Nikki Haley walked out when Palestine had their turn on the floor. It is one thing to refute what the Palestinian ambassador claims, it is another other to disregard the concern not only of Palestine, but a number of UN members by leaving the assembly when it is Palestines turn to talk. By the United States showing that it is not interested in resolving conflict, and turning a blind eye to murder by its number one ally, it is proving to the international political climate that another country or group must step up to resolve tension within the Middle East.

Bombing Syria had proven ineffective, threatening Iran has proven ineffective, and murdering Palestinians has proven only to shine a spotlight on the atrocities that are happening on the Gaza Strip. When Trump threatened North Korea with military action, he seemed to attribute his harsh tone to the result of a peaceful deescalation. a76fdlqccaapfje-largeWhat happens when countries are tired of United States making threats? Whether it be military, trade, or spending – as a single country taking on the United States seems impossible, but Trump may have accumulated enough “enemies” to shift the conversation from submission by United States economy & military, to the potential to unite and raise a number of countries up in defiance to the United States overstepping its authority.  


Since Trump left the Iran deal, Iran has changed its focus from using the petrodollar to accepting the Euro. At a time when a number of countries have floated the idea of escaping the United States influence with the petrodollar, this might be the exact time in history to make a collective bold move away from the USD. If the EU and other countries around the world were to decide on taking this rout it could send a bold message to the United States government as well as 08darcy-slurredjpg-f2b34956f7e302ddDonald Trump that it does not get to control entire international diplomacy because of their Military and ability to invade countries to obtain oil. In fact, the victors of Trump pulling out of the Iran deal are not your every day Americans. It is the oil tycoons who will be able to raise gas prices (think of of where you have seen this before) effecting the every day Americans Trump claims to support by making them pay more for gallon. Without a Health Care bill, a budget that increases Military spending to unprecedented levels, & fueling the fire of racial/cultural tensions, all while finding the time to make as many international enemies as he has, it is obvious Trumps focus is on anything but “Making America Great Again”. In fact we are leaning towards a geo-political climate that has many wondering if a World War 3 is a possibility while Trump is in office.

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