Why do we only talk about gun control when whites are killed?

Recently I had the privilege of joining The State Of Logic Podcast to talk about the hypocrisy of the gun reform circulating around the United States currently. Many share the same views as I, noticing that stricter gun laws in fact, do now produce safer communities. An article that goes in-depth into these statistics titled Strict Gun Laws Do Not Protect Citizens: Look At Chicago was produced a year ago, and gives in-depth analysis into the current laws and the actual carnage that is produced by guns in America. The question really is, why is the government so focused on taking Law abiding citizens guns, but not cracking down on the illegal guns circulated within the inner cities used in Gun violence?

(After Clicking on the Link look for the podcast Titled: A Deep Dive into Race, Gun Violence and Conspiracies – Kevin Van Eekeren or follow the link here The State Of Logic


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