Trump’s life is on the line while fighting for the American people

Trump has begun to venture into almost uncharted territory in his fight against the Deep state & corrupt FBI/CIA. The last time we had a president take this kind of responsibility for fixing the corrupt complex that has infested the American government, we watched the media feed us lies on the J.F.K. assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald. Most have come to a conclusion that the Kennedy assassination had a more elite culprit than a random gunman behind the planning and execution of one of the most tragic events in United States history. The best excerpt from a credible Kennedy event researcher explains as follows:

Perry points out that a former head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, was a member of the Warren Commission, the special Johnson-appointed panel tasked with the official investigation of the assassination. The commission determined that Oswald acted alone.
Oswald was a supporter of Soviet-backed Cuba.
“We know Oswald was in the Russian embassy in Mexico City,” Perry said. “We even know who he talked to. But we don’t know what was said. Then a few weeks later, he shoots Kennedy.”
“It may have been something that they overheard involving him and the Russians. Or, maybe the CIA had Oswald on the payroll. He might have been a double agent.”
Is it possible that Russians ordered Oswald to do it?
Not likely, said Perry. The Russians would never have ordered Oswald to kill Kennedy because of his well-known links to Russia and his pro-Cuban sympathies. Russia’s leaders knew they would have been the first suspects if they’d engineered an assassination by Oswald. It would have been an act of war, which could have triggered a nuclear attack.
How convient Oswald was linked to Russia, but most agree that it would have been to blatant on the side of Russians to execute an assassination that could have higher implications. This is why many think the CIA used Oswald as a cover.
And what is Trump constantly have to defend himself from? From the fake news controlled by the deep state? His connection to Russia.
I do not for one second believe that these text’s were not altered. Partnering that with the extensive redactions, it gave us no revealing information and just enforced the story that the FBI had been feeding Americans for the last several decades.
The similarities between a lot of the policies and demeanor of JFK and Trump continues with the fact Trump continues to push Anti-war rhetoric while JFK wanted a full withdrawal from Vietnam,
Those most famous Kennedy quote possibly of all time showed exactly the type of war he was fighting behind close door with the Deep state when he explained “I will splinted the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds”
As the date gets closer to the Trump Dossier Memo being released, we can only imagine how upset the deep state is getting with Trumps continued defiance.

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