#ReleaseTheMemo connected directly to the Government shutdown.

On Saturday I released a video explaining why I was skeptical of the #ReleaseTheMemo movement – hours after it had begun. For those who do not understand what the movement entails, basically, the Trump Dossier was the substantial piece in obtaining the FISA warrant to start the Trump investigation into Russia collusion. Many are speculating that the memo submitted by Devin Nunes is evidence that the FBI and Obama administration have used illegal acts of surveillance on Trump starting during his transition, as well as the dossier itself being illegal. Many politicians have already supported it’s release which is why none of the pieces seemed to be adding up. The memo could have been released by Trump or one of the 65 members of the United States government that have read it.

Over the weekend we saw Republicans and democrats unable to come to an agreement on the government spending bill – sparking the #SchumerShutdown & #TrumpShutdown hashtag movements across twitter. Schumer stated after the final votes had been cast, he had even floated the idea of Trumps wall being built if they could incorporate DACA into the equation. The Timeline of event’s were as follows and alone do not seem to add up to anything substantial besides politicians being politicians.

  • Nunes submits the memo on the Trump Dossier, leading to the fastest growing Twitter trend of 2018 – #ReleaseTheMemo.
  • Chuck Schumer and Donald Trump have a private meeting to make one final go at a Bi-partisan government spending Bill (Reports showed positive attitudes post meeting).
  • Hours before the Bill was supposed to be voted on Trump decides the Democrats are asking for to much in the Bill.*****************
  • Government spending Bill is voted on in the Senate and fails to pass, 50-49 in favor (60 votes needed)
  • Democrats push narrative that Republicans control all houses of the Government (Irrelevant because 60 votes are needed, and there are only 51 Republicans in the Senate, Democrat help is inevitable).
  • Republicans push narrative that Democrats are supporting Illegal immigrants over their own citizens and military (Mostly true, DACA run’s out in March – was set for discussion in February, although with no leverage, any hope of saving even a piece of the program would be slim to none).
  • The Republican-controlled House approved short term funding through Feb. 16 on a mostly partisan vote of 230-197

At first glance all of this seemed like partisan politics – Trump keeping faithful to his base wanting to cut down on immigration and defuse DACA. While Democrats were opposing Trump in any way possible, even though Chuck Schumer has a track record of anti-immigration.

This is where things start to get weird.

After thinking #ReleaseTheMemo was a flash in the pan, Rep. Dave Joyce makes a Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.16.45 AMstatement saying that the memo is set for release but will take 19+ days before the public finally gets to see whats behind closed doors. The emphasis on “congressional work days” took me by surprise. After 65 members of congress emphasized its need to be released, why the theatrics of asking American citizens to voice their opinion at all?


The memo was read by Trump shortly after the meeting with Schumer had ended making him change his tone on the spending Bill.

Which is why Donald Trump Jr. went public supporting its release prior to the senate vote.

At first glance I thought Trump had a change of heart on what would have been a bi-partisan agreement where Trump would sacrifice some sort of DACA reform for his wall being built. In fact this might be even far more well planned out then we all could even imagine – now that the memos contents could implicate a number of people in congress, the FBI, and the Obama administration.

I am postive that now while the spending Bill is being talked about, the memo is playing a Direct part in what the outcome of it all is.

While Democrats taunted trumps “deal making ability” it will be interesting to see how the finalized spending Bill plays out with the memo looming in their discussions behind closed doors.




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