North Korea attending Pyeonchang Olympics: An eerie foreshadowing of the demise of United States influence

On February 8th the 2018 Winter Olympics in in South Korea’s Pyeonchang will be held, and with the new revelations between South Korea and North Koreas’s friendship, North Korea will be allowed to participate. Allowing the North Korean regime to attend the 2018 Winter Olympics will bring absolute turbulence for the Trump administrations effort to denuclearize the country.

“South Korea is undercutting President Trump’s moves to pressure North Korea to relinquish its nuclear weapons by allowing the isolated nation to attend the Winter Olympics next month.” – Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) 

Although it may seem like the distant past to some, the frenzy that came about as a result of the emergency alert in Hawaii – is a reminder that months ago Japan and other United States allies in South Eastern Asia experience those warnings on a weekly to monthly basis when Kim tests ICBMs off the coast of Asia. Late November was North Koreas last missile test, and although the focus has much been directed to a ICBM hitting main land United States, there are an estimated 840,000 Americans living in the Asia-Pacifc region.

What is even more astonishing than allowing a country holding the world ransom with nuclear weapons –  North and South Korea will participate in the Pyeonchang Olympics  under a single unified flag. The disdain that is being shown by South Korean president pri_41501095.jpgMoon Jae-in is evident in his provocation against Donald Trump’s denuclearize agenda, as well as his startling announcement to unify the Koreas for the Olympics.

While we see Jae-in’s move to normalize Kim Jung Un’s actions over the past year while putting lives in danger, we also see an abnormal support for the regime despite UN Sanctions.

 “We are getting a lot of evidence that these sanctions are really starting to hurt.” – Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

The sanctions placed on North Korea were meant to put a ‘choke’ on production as well as the regime’s ability to move forward with military missile production and research. While Jae-in’s social rhetoric seems to dismiss North Koreas actions, China has continued to secretly supply the tyrant government at an almost constant basis since the United Nations sanctions. Satellite images show Chinese supply boats violating the sanctions placed on North Korea as of Jan. 18th 2018. Partnering sanctions seizing to defer the countries exploration of ICBM nuclear capabilities – South Korea’s standardization precedent for constant fear of a missile attack & Kim Jung’s animosity for the western world, we are getting closer to a preemptive strike on the dictatorship that is North Korea.

Allowing a country to hold American’s sense of safety hostage is just proliferating the number of governments throughout the world who can threaten the United States. The frequency of a defiant nature towards American safety seems to be a common thread that can weave these tyrannical governments together. Last year the unsettling friendship between Iran and North Korea became evident – With North Korea’s quest to obtain Nuclear weapons, the need for fuel and supplies was met by none other than the saboteur to middle eastern peace.


In an even more discouraging revelation, Iran seems to be gaining monumental ground  in it’s attempt for influence in Syria – Since Sadam Hussain Iran has sought out the alliance of Assad’s regime. Through their indisputable hatred for American policies, North Korea has reached out to Syria in a eerie alliance that gives many of these countries disrupting Middle-Eastern, and Asian-Pacific safety, leverage on the United States.

Although the United States seems to be doing an exceptional Job fighting terrorist organization like ISIS, evidence shows us that it is losing its global influence in politics – many specify the need to not interfere in other countries. While the intervention of middle eastern politics has shown to be conductor of terrorism growth, what lays ahead seems a path towards multiple Anti-United States countries obtaining nuclear weapons. While proof the alliance of these countries is evident, the question is when is the United States going to stop the inevitable loss of American lives as Russia and China supply North Korea, Iran & Syrias quest for war. Sanctions being taken as no more than a joke – we are playing a waiting game with little time left, as the United States socially charged problems are distracting from it’s soon to be irreversible demise.

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