The Democrat Party: An abusive marriage between government and voter

At what point do American citizens who have sworn an “I Do”, & “Till death do us part” mentality to the Democratic Party, realize they made a commitment to a party that is unrecognizable in 2018. Like many abusive relationships, they do not happen over night, and are constantly reinforced by hope that, “things will go back to how they were” or remembering the “good times”. Abusive relationships take time, and hard work on the part of the abuser. The stages/characteristics of the abusive relationships are as follows:

  • Gaining Trust
  • Manipulation
  • Dependence
  • Removal from Outside Influence
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Physical Abuse

It should be noted that these things can happen in a specific order, or multiple stages at once. One of the reasons the abusive relationships continue is because the party taking the abuse (the voter) is blinded by the manipulation of the abuser (the government). In the next section I will break down the ways the Democratic Party has not only continued the abuse of its voters and citizens for generations but more specifically over the last decade in a way to make them more controllable and unable to rationalize policy.

Gaining Trust/Manipulation

  • “He’s easily insulted and will often rant and rave about injustices that are just part of life.”

Gaining Trust & Manipulation happen to a person in a multiple ways. This part of the abusive relationship can even have genuine intentions but often has underlying motives as to why they want the trust of the individual. The promises to fix inner cities, help democrats immigrationimmigrants, support women rights, gender rights, work on Middle Eastern diplomacy, “playing the race card”. Although many of these topics have a time and a place for discussion within the political climate, they are often used as a means of manipulation to gain the trust of voters. Many times these politicians who make promises on these aspects do so for political gain or profit in which they have little skin in the game on these topics, or the skin they do have in the game, is based off making money off of the Americans emotions and beliefs. The point is the Democrats aren’t running on anything besides getting rid of Trump it is the only thing fueling their bank accounts and votes.

Dependence/Removal from outside Influence

How often have we seen the democrat voters and main stream media personalities bash Trump, even when he does something that has been positive for the United States of America? Even after a tax bill that saves 80% of the population money, as well as triggered bonuses and pledges to raise wages and hire workers, the rhetoric from the left was disaster, the end of the world. Why this happens in these relationships is because they want the democratic people to feel dependent on them, if someone else can help the base, when they had no influence, they feel like it might steal away their voters. Making sure to discredit any factual information within the Bill is also a way to make the base dependent on the Democratic politicians. Without letting them hear outside information or unbiased information on the topic, because they are the sole voice of reason to every democratic voter.

Verbal/Physical Abuse

  • He makes statements such as, “I’ll break your neck,” but then dismisses it with “I really didn’t mean it.”

It is unfortunate that is has come this far, but yes, the physical abuse is self-explanatory. Multiple left wing groups are told to arm themselves and take to the street, because this youre-a-racist.jpgis the way to keep people in line. The worst part has been the verbal abuse of the left on their own side. Whether it be the silencing of sexual abuse victims by people like Hillary Clinton, or writers like Andy Ostroy referring to a black man as a “prop” on Donald Trump’s arm, the list is extensive. After they make the comment, that if made by the right to someone on the left they’d be calling for the company to fire the person who made the comment, they apologize and go right back to their habits. If this doesn’t scream abusive relationship I don’t know what else does.

We are over a year into President Trumps Candidacy and Dems are still looking for impeachment. They continue to sell their voter base dreams that will never come true, all while keeping them in line by manipulating them. The verbal abuse continues not only to their own base, who if unable to fall in line with the demands of the main stream media or politicians are immediately cast out and suffer backlash on social media and television.

I honestly don’t even know what it would look like for a prominent member of even Hollywood to come out and support Trump. We’ve seen glimpses of it, but I’m talking coming out with public support the way the some oppose him. They’d be unable to work, they’d be slandered by the rest of Hollywood, they’d lose money.

While the Dems continue to scream for impeachment, they waste time to rally their base counter policy, no separate tax plan or health care reform. Many are even unable to compromise on things like immigration. They have led their base down an ideology of “all or nothing”. Instead of your tax dollars going to politicians who work night and day to write counter policies to Republican bills, your tax dollars are funding a Democratic Party who has given you nothing over the past year.

It’s time for a divorce.

For reference this is the sight I used to compare and contrast signs of an abusive relationship. 15 Undeniable Warning Signs That Your Relationship Is Abusive.

You should seek help if you have been unable to rationalize policies and come to unbiased conclusion.



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