Comey Is Delusional: No One Trusts the FBI

“I want the American people to know this truth: The FBI is honest. The FBI is strong. And the FBI is, and always will be, independent.” – James Comey (June 8, 2017)

After months of being relieved of the joke that is James Comey, he surfaced again to defend the integrity of FBI. As both sides of the isle were unsatisfied with the way Comey was handling the Clinton trial, I would think he would be the last one that the FBI would want coming to its defense. Comey obviously lied under oath during the Clinton trial, and explained to everyone that special treatment for Clinton consists of broken laws that others would be found guilty for. It is this kind of logic that has the average American citizen baffled by the claim that the FBI has been impartial and independent at all. Especially when the Dossier used to start a Trump Russia collusion witch hunt was intact fake.

For the Hillary Supporter and the Democrats, the use of the media to publicly state Hillary was under investigation only to flip flop multiple times before being fired was not only odd but a misuse of position.


uN7ka0z.jpgThe integrity of the FBI however isn’t something that has been questioned just because of the 2016 election. The malpractice and misuse of power is taught and perpetuated from the high ranking officials, who are then replaced by their predecessors in a never ending process of these “impartial” agencies influencing politics.

It was only 1972 when J Edgar Hoover died which gave birth to the beast that is the FBI today. Not only have the same illegal practices continued, but they have been perfected. Thankfully Wikileaks and other publications have released information on the FBI, CIA, and NSA’s illegal techniques that invade the privacy and right of citizens.

It seems like yesterday that Twitter was blacklisting tweets about the FBI and #Vault7. The Trove of FBI hacking documents went largely unnoticed as Wikileaks was demonized for causing American citizens to be weary about putting their trust in these government agencies. It is the unspoken acceptance that these agencies have blackmail on most people in politics which is highly evident in regards to Clinton, Podesta, and the DNC.

You know it’s bad if the people you’re protecting end up claiming that you are obstructing justice. Vox (A left leaning publication) gathered legal experts to chime in on Comeys use of power with many of them leaning on the side of guilty. What is interesting to note is that both sides had fights to pick with Comey but much like Edgar, when you run the blackmail scheme, who is going to accuse you. They would only be damning themselves in a hopeless opportunity to tarnish Comeys reputation which partnered with the FBI, is at its lowest point ever.


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