While her husband battles sexual assault Allegations, Roy Moore’s wife supports the Russia Trump Investigation.

As more people in Hollywood and politics continue to fall from sexual assault allegations to rape, and even sexual misconduct with minor’s, people higher up continue to be linked to disgusting behavior. Unfortunately for the government and the people who support democracy, the democrats will replace bad screws in a rotten foundation, so expect more and more people to come forward.

The newest talking point for the Democrats has been to attack possible senator Roy Moore as runs for election. Moore has been accused of having sexual relations with multiple girls while they were in high School, one girl being 14 years old. Documents showing connection between Moore and this girl consist of a note in her yearbook signed by Moore. Recently many defenders of Moore have come forward to prove that the year book signing of this girl was  forged and was not Roy’s signature or his handwriting. Adding to the speculation, there is a  inconsistency  in the ink color where Moore’s signature and the date seem to turn to a blue hue when the original is clearly black.


Adding to this crazy incident many people have come forward and ask the Moore step down from the race in light of the allegations. Roy Moore wife held a press conference today and said that Roy would not be stepping down and would continue to run for the position with the support of his wife and his family.

” Trump Owes Us A Thank You,” “Have You Noticed You’re Not Hearing Too Much About Russia?” – Roy Moore’s Wife

Not only was her statement an attempt at a deflection (hopefully she does not actually believe that Trump and Russia are in cahoots to take over the United States) but using the Russian Narrative to change the topic of your husband having sexual relations with


an underage girl is at the least, tacky. One can not feel that her statement seems horribly scripted with no actual sincerity. She also makes it into a political campaign moment, where she reiterates that the entire state of Alabama is with Moore and the only hate that the family is experiencing is coming from out of State. Pretty smart considering that as long as Alabama supports Moore, he gets reelected and goes about his duty as senator. Whether or not you believe in the accusers, or Moore and his family, people on both sides of the political continue isle have asked for Moore to step aside. Using the information we have it is unlikely that Moore will face any legal issues unless more evidence comes forward.


“Currently Roys Opponent Democrat Doug Jones has opened up an eight-point lead in the US Senate race in Alabama amid multiple sexual abuse allegations against Republican Roy Moore, according to a new Fox News poll. Jones leads Moore by 50 to 42% among likely voters in the special election to fill the seat left vacant by Jeff Sessions when he became US attorney general, now less than a month away.”




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