DOJ protecting the people who wrote the Trump Dossier

The fourth Installment of the comedy show that has been the Session Investigation continued on November 14th. Like the three hearings before it, a large portion of the questions were directed at a meeting with Mr. Papadopoulos. The high note however gave many Trump supporters something to focus on, which is the legality of the Trump Dossier, and it being reason that the investigation has come about. Now that the Trump Dossier has been connected to Fusion GPS whom was paid by Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, collusion with the Russian Government during the election seems to be a Democratic problem.


This does not let Sessions completely off the hook however, because of his connection to Paul Manafort. Manafort was working for Tony Podesta’s company prior to being put into the role as Trumps Campaign Advisor. During that time Manafort had conducted work for foreign political campaigns and lobbied for millions from foreign governments. Occasions in which a Russian ambassador would be meeting with Jeff Sessions would be something that would/could happen without Sessions being accused of Colluding with the Russian Government. Manafort however was conducting transactions that could be prosecuted by the DOJ after further investigation. As long as you realize that the basis for this investigation is corrupt stemming from a fake paid for dossier.

Sessions refused to go into detail about Fusion GPS and on the Uranium One in an unfortunate turn, which could mean a special council will be appointed to them in the near future or he’s worthless and taking up space. Like most of these hearings I consider them slightly comical. Comparable to the heavily redacted FBI files being released, as a you can only imagine “I do not recall” was still the most used phrase of the day for Sessions.

If Sessions is unable to put a special prosecutor on a case to look into the Clinton Foundation he should be relieved of his position by President Trump,

Another controversial topic surfaced at the Session’s hearing, that being Planned Parenthood  selling fetal tissue. Not only are there new trends that push for later term abortions but the sale of tissue from these locations is highly illegal. An article from Fox news describes the interview of Catherine Glenn Foster, chief executive officer and president of Americans United for Life. Her Statement reads:

“While it has taken over two years for the FBI to show any sign of investigating Planned Parenthood’s role in the harvesting and selling of baby body parts, [we are] encouraged to see signs of an investigation moving forward,”.

Trent Franks (R-AZ) also brought up the thousands of testimony pages partnered with the video evidence showing illegal transactions and conversations regarding the sale of fetal body parts. The videos have a number of alarming claims made by people who work at planned parent hood, one being the removal of the fetus to keep it in tact and sell its body parts. Another video shows director of the Arizona Planned Parenthood talking about the “need to pay attention to who’s in the room, incase a fetus comes out with signs of life because you might need to kill it”. This confirms what many have suspected, which is that the selling of aborted fetuses/fetus body parts not only has an extensive black-market, but that abortion clinics are the ones perpetuating this disgusting industry.
Scattered throughout the Session hearing today were topics that bolstered less discussion such as the rehab of prison inmates and getting them integrated back into society. Sessions did show admiration on the topic of helping long term inmates focused on programs that help them after serving their sentences. Comey and Mueller both came up a number of times throughout the hearing, but much of what Sessions was able to discuss about the two was confidential and wasn’t given the detail that it needed because of ongoing cases.

Many hope to see Sessions wake up and start the long over due process of a Special Council investigating the Clinton Foundation for their abundant illegal activity.

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