Vegas Shooting : Another Deep State Massacre

As soon as the news broke on October 1st that mass shooting was underway at a country concert in Las Vegas, I knew something didn’t sound right.

Although I do not have a clear outline on how they carried out this massacre, this was not some mentally ill 64 year old man carrying out a revenge plot. This was another 9/11 that was botched to the point that nearly a month later so many inconsistencies surround the event that not even the media will touch it.

Besides Ellen DeGeneres of course who’s failed attempt at a puff piece only confirmed what many people assume happened — The Deep State that has been running a muck within the government, carried out it’s own terrorist plot.


Questions still unanswered

  1. Footage of Paddock entering the hotel multiple times to carry a large number of bags or any footage of him inside the building at all?
  2. If it was a well planned out operation, why would you need to break a second window?
  3. If Paddock was radicalized and a “Lone Wolf” of ISIS, suicide is strictly against every other attack in history as they are considered martyrs when killed carrying out their act of terrorism.
  4. How does one use a shotgun to shoot themselves in the back of the head?
  5. Why did the timeline change from Jesus Campos the Security Guard being shot?
  6. If they found a bomb in Paddocks car that was meant to be used to kill more people, why would he leave it there if he was going to commit suicide.
  7. Claims that Paddock had to use a separate elevator to not be seen carrying up the bags, which is also untrue because all elevators have cameras in them.
  8. Paddock had set up cameras and video surveillance to watch the entrances of his room in very complex manner.

There are also multiple videos I would like to bring attention to that can be found all over the internet.

The first is a video of people running from the area and a group of people stand as if they all can’t hear and don’t see people being shot right next to them. Which leads to the question why have none of these people been identified and why were they so clam while people were dropping like flies around them,

The second is a great video uploaded by the youtube channel High Impact Flix that show’s a time stamp on a brochure and a man sitting at what seems to be a poker table that looks exactly like Paddock.

I’m sure you can continue to dive deeper down the rabbit hole if you follow the recommended section of these videos but this is just a glimpse into the sort of thing that the Deep state now has to cover up.

Like most protocols from zombie movies to terrorist man hunts to third party information leaking out giving us the truth, the first step is to contain. This comes after thoughtful planning to ensure that you cover your bases, which the deep state obviously did not. Now that the snowball effect of information is continuing to flow and people have taken it upon themselves to investigate the components of “the largest mass shooting in United States history”, they’ve lost control. Anything they come up with now won’t fit the narrative or will refute the evidence that they have already put into place.

Another question surrounding these occurrences is “why”? A lot of people who trust the government and do not believe in these rouge government entities, Illuminati, and globalist plots to control the world can not imagine a reason for a country to kill its own people. As the Las Vegas shooting immediately ended the first agendas the media began to push were, terrorism, radicalization, bump stocks, and gun control. By keeping citizens on edge and normalizing the thought that anyone, even a 64 year old well off man can be radicalized, they can generalize terrorism, and distance it from what it really is — Radical Islam. They can claim that even a man that passed enough background checks to obtain an abundance of firearms is a threat to the country, and can begin to attack your second amendment rights.

Not only was there a terrorist attack in Las Vegas, but it was carried out by the rouge government entity we like to call “The Deep State”. The same entities that control both sides of the coverage on the news channels, and the same entities who are pushing the globalist agenda not only in the United States abut around the world.

For Shits and Gigs (Work of Fiction)

This last portion is simply for fun. I think it would be entertaining to piece together a narrative for the Deep State considering the number of people they pay to plan these things out are incompetent and cant seem to do there job very well. (Narrative would have been easier if I got to plan it out before the shooting happened.)

So let’s use the pieces I refute to come up with a interesting story. (Let it be known that this story will also have to have some hole’s but not enough to let the ship sink.)

Since we can not use a “weapon salesman deal gone wrong” because there would be video of people on the floor and on the elevators we have to have hotel records show that someone had gotten a room prior to Paddock getting his. This room would have to be on the same floor and the person would have to be the “second shooter” that is being pushed to save the Deep Sates ass. This person could have brought up a portion of the weapons prior to paddock checking in so that it would not seem suspicious that he was carrying multiple bags. This also covers you for the second window. The man would need to be connected to Paddock in more than just a normal friend relationship. Lets use the narrative that Paddock loved to gamble (which we can see from the video above in which he is still alive). Paddock owed a large gambling debt to someone who did a lot of dirty business in Vegas. Now Paddock could have needed to use the guns as collateral, or partial payment to ensure “good faith” was reached with whatever the Mob Boss we are starting to imagine in our heads. Or let’s say it wasn’t enough and the mob boss we created threatened to expose paddock’s shady gambling and threatened his family, forcing the 64 year old Paddock to a meeting at the hotel. This take’s care of most of the video evidence as they can now show Paddock entering the hotel now with less bags. Where it still get’s super murky is that you need a motive for the 64 year old man to open fire on a large group of concert goers. We’ve eliminated ourselves from the terrorist plot because of the suicide but we have opened ourselves up for the man meeting Paddock to murder him in the hotel room before returning to his room and acting like a casual scared citizen. Once inside the room where Paddock and lets give him the name “The Mysterious Mobb Boss” meet, the rest of the guns are presented, maybe money who knows because the other man made a break before police entered the room. Somewhere during the discussion the Mobb boss lays out a proposal for Paddock in which the only way to save his family is fire on a number of innocents outside of the hotel room. Now if that’s to far fetched for you, remember Paddock checked in multiple days before, for all we know the Mobb Boss had been talking to Paddock for multiple days, and had given him proof that if he leave’s the building that his family will be killed and that people were standing by to do so. So maybe the Shooting wasn’t as well planned out as suspected, and was more of a person giving an ultimatum with the resources within the room. The next problem with this is that DNA evidence will need to surface, doctored hotel records will need to be made to ensure you can place the second shooter in the room, and last but not least you need to sacrifice and actual Mob Boss or as the Deep state likes to do, just make one up. Once this Happens a raid or records for the second shooter come forward, paper work is the easy part, (cough cough Obama wasn’t born in the United States) faking records is simple. By the time a month passes and this gambling “friend” of Paddock is exposed, you have enough time to get to his family to make sure they do not refute any information, which shouldn’t be to hard because it was his “double life”. If they want to catch him alive they can even hold some huge fake news court case to take up all the time on your news station of choice. The man gets accomplice to murder and is charged with the murder of Paddock. Narrative has to change exponentially and you’ve made celebs of Paddocks family because he tried to save their lives, but at the end of the day you have at least made a complex enough story in which you have documents, bank statements, and you can make up any “investigation” you want for the fake mob boss.

Anyways none of the last part is true and the fact remains that the Deep State Killed people for agenda.



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