Trading DACA for the Wall?

With Donald Trumps presidency being anything less the turbulent through its first year he encounters another major deal that will have implications not only for himself but for many elected members in congress. The DACA deal covers nearly 800,000 immigrants whom were under the age of 31 on June 15th 2012.

DACA’s Effect on the Trump Supporter Base

Multiple aspects come into play with the DACA deal unlike anything Trump has faced so far. With Trumps presidential election campaign promising to deport a large number of these illegals from the country, his base was moved by his commitment to end the illegal immigrant influx the United States has seen over the past decade. In fact many of his supporters have felt betrayed by Trump backing off his claims during August 2016 of his campaign when he said “We will immediately terminate DACA.” Unable to Terminate daca (2)DACA however, since his campaign, ICE arrests of illegal immigrants are at an all time high and have increased by as much as 40 percent nationwide. 10,000 Ice arrests since 2016 have been “non-criminal” in which people were obtained by means other than breaking the law and being taken into custody, and although arrests have increased exponentially, the number of deportations has not. If Trumps base of supporters gets fed the reality that a large number of illegal immigrant arrests are being made, but deportation is not rising, how will it effect his campaign promises in which he was elected to produce.

DACA’s effect on the diplomatic process and elections in the United States

Trump trying to keep his base happy is just the tip of the ice berg. There are currently 11 Million illegal immigrants in the U.S. today and only 22% of DACA recipients are under the age of 25. Thinking of future elections at both the State and the Federal Level is essential to getting any deal done in a bipartisan manner. In the 2016 presidential election the Hispanic population voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in which she gathered 65% of the vote. The only racial demographic with a larger margin was the African American community in which Hillary Clinton Gathered 88% of the vote. Taking that number into consideration, even if Trump tries to play the nice guy card and grant amnesty to all of the immigrants under DACA in the United States, the Democratic Hispanic vote will only grow. The most alarming statistic is that among those DACA recipients 21% have dropped out of high school all together where as the national average is around 5%. As I am all for people chasing the “American Dream”, I am not a fan of uneducated people voting.

The best part and the only part that matters. My Opinion.


Trump has to many open promises to his fan base, and illegal immigration is one of the biggest promises his supporters care about,that and Draining the Swamp. If Trump wants to keep his promise to an extent and reduce the amount of illegal immigrants in the United States he will have to work across party lines to make sure this happens. He Starts off by using his “Build the Wall” project and implementing it into immigration reform which encompasses DACA and “Dreamers”. You make sure the wall gets built while increasing funding for boarder patrol and ICE, two things that the Democrats will oppose without question. The compromise is that you allow part of Obama’s DACA deal to run it’s course while revising it to make sure that we are not just flooding America with criminals and people who want to take advantage of the American System. DACA recipients often times are not held to the same guidelines as United States citizens in terms of the law and the benefits they can receive. If the trade off for increased boarder security and the wall being built is to not terminate the DACA program completely (which increases the chance of Dem officials in multiple counties being elected), Trump should be working Day and Night to keep his loyal followers happy, all while passing policy.






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