Supporting Trump & Hollywood Made Easy w/ Stephanie Costello

As we have found out during the 2016 election, Hollywood and Donald Trump do not always see eye to eye. During Obama’s presidency we saw surge of Hollywood coverage, as well as the line between politics, and the stars of Television, Cinema, and the Music industry continue to be blurred. Whether Obama and Michelle being caught out with Jay- Z and Beyonce turns Twitter into a frenzy, or the 44th President show casing his skills on the basketball court goes viral – it seemed no president had captured the spotlight quite like Barack did.

Now Imagine the Support Obama had gotten during his presidency – the complete opposite is what Hollywood has given Donald Trump.

The industry filled with disconnected stars who preach about climate change while flying in Private Jets, who tell their fans to ‘follow their lead” on political policy.

It should be noted that as soon as Leo Dicaprio wants to pick me up from the airport in his Jet before we hit a Climate Change Summit half way across the world, I am in.

Maybe he can convince me it’s real before we get there. Maybe not. We’ll never know Until I step on.

With Hollywood’s lack of support for Trump, the attacks overflow into other members of the first family. Being surrounded by fashion Icons such as his wife Melania an  his daughter Ivanka, means the spotlight is constantly hitting the first family from multiple directions – and with Melania and Ivanka being the fashion icons that they are, criticism and praise will always follow the first lady and daughter whether it is how they dress or how they carry themselves. Which leads me into another beautiful woman who shares a love for the fashion industry, Hollywood, and politics by the name of  Stephanie Costello.


First off, I’d Like to say seeing an outspoken female trump supporter on twitter is odd, especially if that woman is not involved in politics herself.

Stephanie Costello is a prominent Fashion designer based out of Los Angeles whose personal attention to detail makes the women & Men in her clothing stand out at even the most Star Studded Events.

What is even more interesting is that although Stephanie Is a huge supporter of Donald Trump she finds time to build meaningful and lasting relationships with many large figures in Hollywood who she designs for – Beyonce, Vanessa Williams, Kim& Khloe Kardashian, Shakira, Kelly Osbourne, and Mary J. Blige – to name a few.

Some of these people have even come out publicly with controversial statements against the 45th president, but the brand Stello Continues to grow. Luckily she was nice enough to answer a few questions pertaining to her hybrid lifestyle of political stances and Hollywood extravagance.


Q: Has supporting Trump Publicly had any effect on your sales or relationships in the industry or has booking venues for the runway been harder?

A: No, surprisingly. Sales are better than ever. I think there’s so much hidden Trump support out there, even still. but more and more people are waking up every single day.

Q: What was your reaction to see strong female role models like Ivanka and Melania attacked, and their brands and character questioned, simply for being related to Donald Trump?

A: It’s despicable. Melania and Ivanka are amazing role models for women. But just Ivanka Dresslike with President Trump, I don’t believe the hate is as strong as the media makes it out to be. The media manipulates public perception for their own self-interests at times.

Q: Given the level of status of some of the people whom support your brand and wear your brand to large events, has there ever been backlash of them supporting your brand but having publicly different views against of president Trump?

A: Never. Maybe it’s because I’m a gypsy woman and it would backfire if anyone tried. Besides, understanding and setting trends before they happen is part of my job. So I was vocally supportive of Trump since summer 2015, because I always knew he was going to win. I even put a MAGA hat on the runway!!!

Q: Have you ever reached out to any of the Trump women? I’m sure being the fashion icons they are they’d love to represent a brand like yours!

A: It’s my dream to dress the First Lady and Ivanka Trump! Ivanka reached out years ago and borrowed some options one time. Any time any woman in the Trump family or administration needs a custom gown, they know how to reach me.

Q: On a little brighter note, away from the political side of things, who was the most fun designing for?

A: I have the most fun working with people who share a unique perspective. For instance, Yeganeh Salehi wore a custom Stello gown for the 2016 White House correspondent dinner. Her and her husband Jason Rezaian were kidnapped and held hostage in Tehran while he was working for WaPo. When they came to my showroom, it was shortly after Jason’s release. They told me their story and it was just really fascinating to hear a firsthand account of such a horrific ordeal. She ended up looking stunning and beautiful that night, by the way.

Q: Can you offer upcoming dates on shows or any insight into who we might see attending events in The Stella design in the near future?

A: I’m working on a bridal line that I might debut in October in NYC. Stello shows are always special because we like to expose some hidden truths about the world within the themes of the collection.


It would seem like a person with Stephanie’s hybrid lifestyle would be unable to produce, when it turns out it is the complete opposite, showing that the bridge can be made between the two constantly feuding sides. Regardless of the disconnect between the two – Hollywood & Politics will forever be intertwined, hell we might even see Dwayne Johnson run against Trump in 2020. Maybe as the years go by the gap that has been created can be closed – I can’t be the only one who thinks it would be entertaining to see Kanye West Perform at a Trump event.

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