GOP Health Care Bill

Likely to be the biggest Policy Move of Trump’s Presidency So far is the Health Care Bill that was Unveiled. A number of republican Senators have been opposed to the Bill which could cause for  it to be brought back to the drawing table. The most significant opposed to the Bill is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. Thursday Rand Paul Drew Comparisons between the New bill and ObamaCare, stating that it would continue the trend of increasing the Federal Debt ceiling. The first thing that Rand Paul Describes as troubling is the fact the the New Bill not only keeps the large subsidies for the Insurance Companies but in some aspects increases them. What is also Troubling to the Senator from Kentucky, is the fact that some policies from Obamacare that are causing premiums to Hike, are left intact in the new proposal. This is arguably the main reason that Obamacare is being replaced, so without substantial overhaul of the Obamacare Bill two to threes years from now Congress and politicians will be brought right back to the same table discussing way to help Average Americans Battle a broken Health Care System.

To me it was obvious why the Healthcare stocks had shot up , the amount of money that these insurance companies will be getting is very large, and not only will the amount be significant but the ability to categorize individuals will also play a large part in the Bills effectiveness. Without A substantial amount of money offered to these companies that Take on High Risk individuals what is to keep them from turning down people and pocketing the money.

Unlike Rand Paul however I understand the Need for the American Citizen to be eased into a system that has been safety netting the general Population since Obamacare’s implementation. With Obamacare covering a large number of individuals whom had not been covered before, The Middle Ground for these companies and senators would come in the form of a higher ceiling for preexisting conditions and Larger pool of money to be divided up amongst the states to care for these individuals. Although the pool would would have to be decreased gradually over the course of the bill which it already does, the ceiling would need to be lifted keeping the Insurance companies happy. The percentage that it decreases by would also increase however so that the transition can be made to the tax credit system.  The system that Rand Paul wants in Place with a free Market state run Health Care Plan is not possible so it is up to him to help integrate policies in which people are gradually eased into a system in where they care for their own payments. Like the Bill describes there are now new requirements in order to be eligible for certain health care packages ( See Slide Show). The Bill Being put in place Mirrors Obamacare in which is not bad short term, but by making it known that this free money and health care is now going to decrease and that certain requirements nee to be met by the year 2019 or so fixes the need for long term supplementation by the federal government.

The Bill Trump Proposed is not very Republican and in Some ways very Democrat, the only alterations that need to be made to insure that the general public have an understanding of the bill are parameters to alter the system in 2-3 years.

  • Medicaid is not being cut Under the Republican health care plan, no new enrollment can occur under this Medicaid expansion, with enhanced federal funds, after Dec. 31, 2019. States that haven’t already opted in to the expansion by March 1, 2017, can’t get the ACA’s enhanced federal funding for the expansion-eligible population.
  • With Medicaid Expansion expansion being capped in 2019 you can easily Assume the Number of people is going to drop
  • The only Part that the Bill Gets Wrong is the Subsidies that are offered to the Insurance companies decreasing at such a slow rate that the National Debt sees no  significant effect as a result of the new Bill until Much later.
  • The Trade off is Large Spending Now to ensure little Spending is done later

— Proposal to Increase Money Pool earlier On and Increase the Rate at which Subsidies are decreased Post 2019

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Above Are some of the most important Parts of the Bill and parts that will need to be altered to insure that this Bill passes with a Majority Vote.

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