The Left has finally Radicalized its Own group of Terrorists

The more the left continues to perpetuate their agenda for violence and fighting back against Trump, the more they resemble ISIS and other terrorist organizations. The similarities between the two (Left Wing + Terrorist Organizations) has been explained not only by the blatant hatred we see everyday, but the funding in which these groups gain funding as explained in the article previous written titled Anti Trump Protests and ISIS get their money from the Same Sources.

Wednesday morning (6/14/17), James T. Hodgkinson, a 66 year old Bernie Sanders Supporter opened fire on a Charity Baseball game held by Republican members of the United States (Video of Shooting Here)

DCSiBXQXUAARZga.jpg-large.jpgGovernment. His social media was filled with Trump Hate as well as many posts using radicalized thoughts opposing the United States president. He had also campaigned for Bernie during the Democratic nomination. If we include this with the another hate filled attacked carried out by Jeremy Christian that just recently occurred in Portland where multiple fatalities by Stabbing occurred, it would seem like the Lefts hate message is finally starting to manifest into murder and increased violence.

Just As recently as June 3rd. Anti Trump Supporters decided to show up to a Pro trump rally and assault multiple people just because of their and support of The President.

This Video Includes Minority, Women, and anyone who supports Trump being Assaulted.

It is not Just the Liberal Government who is Pushing the Hatred to Fuel the Growing “Peaceful & Progressive” liberals, Celebrities from all walks of life continues to rally the troops and push hateful agendas

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The Glorified posts come curtesy of Cosmopolitan & Vibe Magazine So I’m Happy I didn’t have to go fishing for the reason hate speech and Violent Actions are the New Normal for the left.

To imagine these are some of the More “Well Mannered” posts, people ask for Trumps execution and even more outlandish claims on Liberal media making up fake news everyday. When we look back in history we won’t be saying Republicans went out and attacked democrats, or these “racist people” killed minorities. We will be saying the Left has turned into a violent base of supporters whom relate to Terrorist Organizations.

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