The Future of the Internet: Net Nutrality, Data Mining & Cyber Warfare

With the Obama Admin in the rear view mirror Americas separation of views pertaining to which direction to take the country in is highly prevalent. Cyber warfare and sharing information is a hot topic of the Trump admin, even before he took office. With regards to warfare and internet security, some people feel that the government needs more control over the internet to insure the safety of its citizens.


Unrealist Depiction of the Internet without Net Nutrality

Intelligence agencies have partnered up with some of the largest data mining companies in the world from Google & Amazon to social media sites like Facebook & Twitter, in the name of catching terrorist before they can attack.

The recent Manchester attacker like many other terrorists, was on an intelligence watch list as a possible threat. If these data mining networks are selling personal information to the government in order to insure safety, we have yet to hear of a case where a terrorist has been caught prior to carrying out an attack (because of their intelligence). Most of the time they stop the attacker from continuing to wreak havoc, or his bomb goes off esrly, which is a little to late.

A bill whose critics say could put people’s private browser histories up for sale and hand Internet providers a lucrative victory awaits President Trump’s signature after swift passage through the House and Senate.

The reason that data mining has become such a controversial topic is because within the near future Trump will have to make a decision on whether to roll back Obamas Net Neutrality Bill which was supposed to protect against the data mining in the first place.

What the people with money invested in the internet will tell you about Net Neutrality is that it by rolling back the Obama bill it puts people on level playing field but also makes the mining of data easier and leaves the user less protected.

What I am here to tell you is that the Internet is the least protected place and there will never be a Bill put in place to protect your data from being used by the government.

Multiple intelligence agencies have programs that are intertwined with your everyday electronics, In fact facilities like TitanPointe are so well equipped that they can constantly log every action you make so that they can see everything you’ve ever done and go back for reference.


People already Pay for different Internet Packages and Speeds, the changes would incorperate speed and access (opinion)

I could Spend all day outlining the fact that all of the electronics and equipment you use every day already have software that leaves you vulnerable, from the 200,000+ Microsoft Users of Microsoft used that were hacked, to programs like Stuxnet that are software programs that learn once they have infiltrated your systems making their capabilities infinite.

By Trump rolling back Obamas Bill it would set the stage for an “Attack” or “Vulnerability” to be used as a catalyst in the future, much like they tried to do with the Russians and North Korea over the last couple months. (See old article Here)

As I explained before the Bill Obama Passed is for Show, it doesn’t actually insure any of your data is safe or that you’re protected and that’s just the honest truth.

In the next couple months expect multiple false flags in the form of “Cyber Warfare” to be conducted as social experiments. The Stage is being Set.
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