Russian Hacker #SethRich Identified

I can’t believe I’m still writing about Russian Hacking. I Promise this will be the last time I ever cover this extremely Dumb (To put it lightly) story.

I would Like to Show you the proof of Russian Hacking first.7966921422_ff7f085f73_z.jpg

Glad we got that Cleared up.

On May 15th at 6:00 Pm central time a story was released conducted by a Fox News IMG_3290outlet (Main Stream Media will say this story was posted after The Classifed Information Trump discussed with Russia in order to distract). A third party had been hired to investigate the death of fomer DNC staff member Seth rich, Seth Rich was murdered blocks away from his house. He was then escorted to the hospital where he was concious for another hour and a half. He IMG_3295was escorted by three police officers whom were equipped with body cams (None of the footage has been released). What is very interesting to Note is that the new investigation has shown evidence that Seth Rich was in contact with Wikileaks, which would make the Russian Hacking narative false.  While we would All like to make Putin out to be the big bad wolf, and a scary man whom is looking to take over the world, the DNC leaks do no such thing. Shortly after Seth Rich died infact, the FBI was sent to his house to confiscate his laptop. This would have been protocol if the DC police did not identify his death as a “robbery”. An important thing to note is that during the “robbery” nothing was stolen from Seth.

When we piece all of the evidence together the Russian Hacking Narative simply seems like an illigitamte way to cover up a murder carried out by someone who was upset that Seth Leaked the DNC Emails. The DC cheif actually told the police that no further investigation would be need and that He would handle it. Another interesting fact is that Wikileaks released a statement offering to pay 20,000$ for informtion on Seth’s murderer. You would think that the DNC would also have offered money for such information but they moved on from him fairly fast.

While looking Exactly at the content of the DNC emails that were leaked it was evident that Hillary and Podesta were upset at the content that was enclosed in their conversations were seeing public Light.

Now that we know who actually leaked the Emails, and that Seth Rich was Alive for over an hour after being shot without any footage being released, I’d say they made an example of him alright. Partner this with 2 missing Trey Gowdy Staff members during the clinton investigation, and the woman whom went to haiti to get information on Clinton Foundation human Trafficking that went missing… Well I’d say that Clinton body count looks to be more fact then fiction.

Russian Hack Never Happened, Seth Rich leaked the DNC Emails and was killed for it.

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