200,000+ Microsoft Windows Users Hacked because they didn’t Update Software

On May 11th 2017 the world experienced one of the largest cyber-attacks in the history of the internet. The most drastic occurrence happened to hospitals in the UK in which they were forced to turn patients away because the hack left their computers unable to function. It is interesting to note that this hack happened to Hardware running Microsoft windows. Although the Microsoft windows program is used Globally, 200,000 effected is a fraction of hardware systems that could be effected by such a hack.

What I am Trying to say is that the Government wants you to update your systems, to feel safer all while they update backdoors into your hardware that are running these programs. Understanding that with WikiLeaks Releasing of a number of intelligence software hacking programs the Intelligence community must update their array of capabilities. If the malware had been used by criminals that were looking to effect the global technology climate they would have hit a far larger number of users and more significant ones at that.windows_update2

Personally I would have been upset If I was using the windows program that left me unable to access my computer, luckily I use Apple Products (Not that it would have mattered in this instance or in any other in which the government wanted to force an update via OS or Windows operating systems).

With all of the leaks that have affected the public’s perception of the government and intelligence community I feel as a hard reset is being done to ensure that cyber defense is moving as fast as hacking capabilities are.  It is important to note that this may all seem confusing, in 2013 Microsoft windows signed a Contracting deal worth 617 million dollars. This contract oversees the systems of everything from United States Military to cloud computing to operating systems within the government.


But why would the NSA and intelligence agencies conduct a global hack into a system it is partnered with?

First and foremost, this hacking tool is obsolete and outdated, or should be because of a Notice that Microsoft sent out early last year advising users of the program to update the software because of Potential Hacking vulnerabilities. Partner that with the release of information on the hacking tool used by the government and to ensure that you are ahead of the curve, you force users to update their systems to software that isn’t able to be hacked by old techniques.


You want to feel safe against outside threats? Keep your Computers and business aspects connected to the internet Updated.

In conclusion, United States Intelligence (Still equipped with the best Cyber Material, I.e. Hacking, malware, software) was most likely behind the hack. Let it be known that if they wanted 300 Bitcoins or dollars from your account after having malware of that extent infect your hardware, they could have taken it and wouldn’t need to ask you to take it.

Stay Safe Internet Surfers.

By the Way this is what happens When people try to Ransom Apple from outside of the Government Hackers Claim to Have hacked 200 Million I Cloud Accounts. Want Millions In Ransom.

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