A Border Wall that is Profitable

Trumps Mexican Boarder wall has been on the back burner with all of the talks about foreign relations. Many have estimated the wall to be around 15 Billion Dollars.


While I first thought that he wouldn’t be able to get such a thing passed, when breaking down the numbers and looking at other examples around the world, It seems highly possible.

15 Billion Dollars is a small number when taken into perspective. If A wall was to slow down and decrease illegal immigration at a cost of 15 Billion dollars, the country would be saving exponentially more to tax payers and business in in just a year. A Study Done by the Heritage Foundation has found that illegal immigration costs the United states over 54 Billion dollars per year some estiames by Fairus.org site over 100 Billlion annually.

If Immigration reform was to happen it would be to increase the ability to make these immigrants legal, so that companies are not hiring cheap workers, hurting tax payers, undermining democracy in the process.

I also was taken back at the amount of boarder walls around the world. Some erected between countries at war but others put in place simply to ensure that people could be documented when coming into or leaving the country. Daily Mail Explains in detail that 65 other countries around the world have adopted long walls in order to help their economy and monitor whom is coming into their country. Drug Trafficking also cost the federal government Extensive amounts of money yearly, money that would be best suited elsewhere if  we can supress the influx. New York Times explains that The United States in 2011 needed to allocate 25 Billion dollars in order to confront narcotics trafficking in the United States.

While Immigration reform will be a talking point for future generations, the cost for a boarder wall seems extremely small in order to be able to allocate future federal 508e27b309ef114b7f3d71e9e991034d.jpgspending to other areas that are not focused on catering to illegal immigration.

I am in favor of a federal Bill that would allow the Wall to begin Construction as soon as possible.

Under One Condition

If Mexico wants to profit off of the United States but does not want to help us obtain safer and more secure boarders, it might be time the for United States to propose a number of tariffs on Mexican goods or tax the Goods the United States Sells Mexico. Without Mexico wanting to help ensure that American Citizens are safe and protected It is to my understanding that they enjoy profiting off of us but not helping when we ask.

Reducing Illegal Immigration over the course of 10 years could reduce federal spending by over 100 Billion dollars. That is 100 Billion Dollars to be used on things like Education, Healthcare, roads, bridges, state parks.


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