Globalists, Drug Trade, Human Trafficking, and Illegal Immigration

When you picture Illegal Immigration, you picture families risking their lives to cross miles of desert or crossing oceans unaccompanied and unprepared for what lies ahead of them.

In reality a Number of Globalist non-profit organizations/companies are funding the massive illegal immigration influx that America has experienced.

It’s extremely profitable for a number of reasons.PledgeToRemainSanctuaryCitiesMapNov17

These Companies have connections to the sanctuary cities where a large number of illegal immigrants can be found. When these government approved programs whom have ties to these cities harbor illegals, children and adults, they are repaid by money being transferred into the “Non-Profit” organization they have ties to.

While these cities have so many undocumented immigrants, it also gives extremely reliable funnels for the Drug trade and Human Trafficking. When their is little idea on the exact number of illegals at any time traveling through these cities, the Drugs and Trafficking can move through unnoticed and blend in with large numbers of illegals these Companies help get across the boarder.

Companies like TracFone have donated upwards of 5 Million dollars to the Clinton foundation. Clinton_Corruption_1_536x750This company is a prominent U.S. government contractor and is owned by the second wealthiest man in the world Carlos Slim whom resides in Mexico. Carlos Slim has major connections to Drug Cartels and Drug trade with Narcos Politicos. While the Drug Cartels are prominent for what the name mentions “Drugs” they also run a very lucrative business of Human Trafficking.

While the money changes hands through a number of different funnels before government funding is given to these sanctuary cities American Lives are put at risk because of the corruption that is built of the illegal immigration business as well as the sanctuary cities.

This is not even counting the amount of funding that cities get from the government for Legal Immigration, Illegals are often “estimated” to increase the number and increase government funding.



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