Trump: The Last Hope to Save American Politics

Beyond Republican and Democrat, Corruption has run amuck throughout American Politics. The Major News Organizations are in direct Correlation with the corruption behind closed doors, this goes for Fox and CNN which most Americans Consider Opposites.

Trump has defied the Global Opposition and this is exactly why you see politicians with their own Corrupt Pasts like John McCainHillary ClintonCory BookerElizabeth Warren, and lets not forget the 41st president George Bush, Claiming that Trump is Unfit to lead the country.

When you understand that it has less to do with what side of the Isle these politicians sit on you can begin to understand how these Major Media Corporations, control 90% of the Media the average American Views on a daily basis. The Obsession with the Russian connections to Donald Trump is far from a coincidence. Throughout Putins Long Time controlling Russian Politics, you best believe that George Soros has wanted a piece.

You have these people in American who are perpetuating the use of Fake News, and how Diversity is being attacked – Understanding that a Large number of News Outlets have journalists whom are funded by George Soros is Important. In This Article by The Daily Wire you get just a surface view of how many things a man who was convicted of Insider Trading does to control perception and support his agenda – It is also important to realize that anyone who is a Billionaire has some connection to Soros – Even Donald Trump. The Problem now occurs for George Soros’s that his plan is not in unison with what Trump has begun screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-2-04-28-pmto do as President of the United States, and now that Soros has less of a relationship and control of Trump, attacks have become never ending.

So what is really with the Anti Russia agenda that controls all the news cycles and is being
shoved down the throats of the brain washed Americans daily? It could have to do that a hack much like the Wikileaks Hack of the DNC and Hillary Clinton happened to Soros showing his plan to overthrow and take control of the Russian Government. Bitterness, refusal to admit wrong doing, attempted corruption and control of a government – it sounds a lot like the revelations the DNC hack and Hillary Clinton had when Wikileaks Released emails. Hillary had Major support and Funding throughout her campaign and to the Clinton Foundation from George Soros – which would explain her ethics and the way she ran her campaign in hindsight.

On the Surface Globalism looks like, Peace, Love, Equality, and Acceptance for all people regardless of where you come from. To Politicians, Corporations, and the Elite, Globalism is the Tool to Perpetuate a New World Order to puppeteer governments and business for agenda and profit.

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