Anti Trump Protests and ISIS get their money from the Same Sources

What Do Black Lives Matter, Woman Marches, Anti Trump Protests, and ISIS have in common?

The simple answer is where they obtain the majority of the funding to fuel the longevity of skipping work and focusing attacks on republicans.Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 1.15.16 PM.png

George Soros amongst other Large Global figures, these Groups have been influencing American Elections as well as Elections abroad for political agenda since the late 90’s. Focusing the funding on the weak minded individuals who think they are fighting for liberty but are in turn fueling radical Islam and the Division of the country. although sinister, it is genius to a certain extent.

Why not fund Radical Islam to band together the masses who are completely blind on what’s going on behind the scenes. On one hand you have power by pure force with Terrorist attacks and on the other you have a Bunch of people fighting for a unity that’s being Disrupted by Terrorists – revolving door of money – ISIS, anti Trump Marches, Hillary Clintons Elections, Voting Machines in Large State Districts and ISIS are all getting their money from the same sources.

It would seem that one man is puppeteering the Democrat side as a whole, and while they think that their Ideas are “progressive and original” in retrospect they’ve only been allowed to flourish because it was the idea of the person who wanted it to happen.

There is little debate as to whether Al-Qaeda transitioned into what we now know ISIS to be. Whether or not the democrats will Use the words “Radical Islam” to describe the terrorism, the truth is that these groups practice Islam and are Terrorists.

What is debatable however, is whether you believe that The Obama Admin, Hillary Clinton, and Soros have direct control of ISIS actions or if it was just a “suction” type of effect that was left behind due to Obamas lack of policy controlling the region.

I would Enjoy going over every channels that Soros has controlled within the Democrat side of the Isle but the list is far too long  (if you’re interested in all 100+ organizations that Soros Controls on the Dem side the link is below)

Soros Democrat Funded Organizations

What We do know is that Hillary has Given Money to companies that Fund ISIS. Saying that these politicians do not know where their money goes to or what business they are connected to would be a lie. Dems can find every small business Trump is connected to and criticize him but refuse to look into the mirror when their candidate is connected directly to Organizations and Entities that fund the terrorism they are fighting.


New Wiki Leak Shows Hillary Profits Off Of ISIS and Other Armed Groups In Middle East

(Zero Hedge Undercover Investigation – Hillary Campaign Team Admits to Fueling Riots at Trump Rallies) (As well As Podesta Emails)

(Soros Funds BLM)

(Soros Funds Women’s March)

(Soros Funds Hillary Clinton)

(Soros Funds Radical Terrorists)

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  1. […] The more the left continues to perpetuate their agenda for violence and fighting back against Trump, the more they resemble ISIS and other terrorist organizations. The similarities between the two (Left Wing + Terrorist Organizations) has been explained not only by the blatant hatred we see everyday, but the funding in which these groups gain funding as explained in the article previous written titled Anti Trump Protests and ISIS get their money from the Same Sources. […]

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