‘Russian Hacking’ Has Gotten Out Of Hand

The FBI Dossier Released on Trump Continues the Globalist attempts to keep Trump from presidency as well as undermine his intelligence. With No verified Information, and the FBI releasing this information to the Main Stream Media in an Unprecedented action, It is only right to come to a conclusion that our assumptions that intelligence agencies of the United States still have plenty of Compromised Officials. This also leads us to believe the Globalist agenda is still strong in Britain even after Brexit. Never before have we seen officials in these intelligence agencies leak unverified information on a potential blackmailing attempt by a foreign government. So what kind of conclusion can we make from the newly acquired information.

Although this act is clearly another temper tantrum by the Globalist elite, is still does not make sense to the intelligent American.


The Government has been pushing the Russian Hacking Agenda for months, and started even prior to Trumps victory of the Presidential Election. Over the last month attempts to control Trump and invoke another WW3 with Russia has became the mission of the members of the government who are partners in a Globalist America agenda.

Where discrepancy comes into play is if they Claim that Russia Is in fact partnering with Trump and wanted him to win the presidential election. Why would they release intelligence that they have information to blackmail him? Whoever is planning these moves to undermine the Trump Transition and stop him from becoming president obviously did not think their plan through very well because it doesn’t add up.

Note that the claims of Russians Hacking the Election are still unconfirmed and are flooding main stream media, whom is unable to report any facts as of late. The snowball effect of lies has grown out of control.ciacartoon

-No Proof of Russians Hacking Election

-No Proof Trump is Collaborating With Russia

-No Proof Russia Worked directly to Get Trump Elected

-No Proof That Russian Released  intelligence claiming to have Blackmail Information on Trump


Yet this is all we have seen in the headlines of Main Stream Media as of late. Be Prepared for controversy to continue, specifically peaking on January 20th but continuing for the 90 days that Trump has stated he will give his intelligence team, this is the time he has given them to comeback with a through deposition on the Hacking of the United States gov and the Treats we face. That also gives the Left and Globalist time to continue plots to undermine the New President.


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