Governments Increased focus on Suppressing a Revolution

The Revolutionary identity of the American People has taken another Blow. As if we needed more comparisons and similarities between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump that have been evident beneath the basic Policies and Promises made by these politicians we gain another that is far more alarming. Throughout the 2016 Presidential Campaign we have seen corruption displayed across party lines that is second to none to anything we’ve ever witnessed in American Politics.

As I explain in a previous post How I Went From Bernie To Trump, All Because of Hillary we’ve seen politicians with grass root followings continue to rally the Spirit of the American people only to completely neglect the spirit itself.

While these people claim that they are going to make changes to the institution we continue to see them become part of the corruption cancer that has infested the American Government.

Governments Across the world are fueling and preparing for another Large War. The Main stream Media Continues to Neglect the underlying stories while Fueling the stories that Pin the American People against each other.

Breaking the Chains of the Political parties and unifying as an American People has never been more important then it Is today.


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