One of Hillary’s Largest Donors Controls Voting Machines in 16 Key States

What could be a bigger Milestone then the First Woman president of the United States? Bigger then the first Black President of the United States?

Something that Ties directly into the rigging of the Presidential election in 2016. The use of software to influence the way voters ballots are tallied, the use of the internet, and George Soros Voting Machines.

We’ve taken the transformation of media censorship to new heights in recent years.  The pay for play by media and corps are the tip of the iceberg, as we continue to unravel the true plans for the future of the United States Government the direction seems point to complete control of the Internet and Elections to the point where complete elections can be doctored to show an image that isn’t really there. Pair this with states removing all ballot audit capabilities and the large number of dead people and unregistered votes and it’s a politicians dream *cough cough* Hillary’s.

This year in specific we have seen pushes to incorporate voting directly from a person’s home via the internet, which is the future of presidential elections. The use of computer software in 2016 is expensive, the machines, the monitoring, the amount of corruption in plain sight is a lot to deal with in terms of liability to the ones rigging the elections.

While major media companies are merging, they are slowly – but surely, moving towards the ability to erase the need for any human votes at all.

As explained by Business Insider 90% of the media is already controlled by a small number of corporations, these corporations all having Government Ties, Republican and Democrat. The illusion of a Bi-Partisan system is something that politics still hinges on, keeping the people focused on sides rather than the underlying issues is something many Americans still struggle with. In reality there are no sides, just a Mirage from a common citizen perspective.

If anything at all, I suggest that after voting you request a paper ballot of your own which they are required to give you. Stand up for the liberty of the people, and fight back against government corruption, speak up and speak out about the shady connections and overlapping of political power that is shaping U.S. Politics

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