Hillary is Focused on WW3

So Everything I’ve been saying for months comes to light. More and More WikiLeaks show the corrupt government elite controlling the masses through media. The fact people think they are electing presidents and that their voices are being heard is a joke within itself. Not only are these people in power predetermined by special interest groups, people are paying to hold these positions of power. Once in that position, a network of large businesses and career politicians make it nearly impossible for any morally sound person to infiltrate and break any link in their chain. (ex. Trey Gowdey Interviews)

Do yourself favor and turn off your TV or watch and read the things they tell you not too.

Hillary has started a chain reaction that goes 1 of 3 ways at this point being that it’s become their main objective to silence the fighters of liberty and control the masses by creating a global elite untouchable by any government, because they are the government.

There are No checks and Balances. Our Government has been compromised.

This is all Based off the Fact that Hillary has become a liability to the government. Her presidential Campaign has not only tarnished the populations opinion of the government, but other governments and business, see the United States Citizens as revolting against their government which on the grand scale of things, is bad for your reputation, which is bad for business.

Below are 65 pdfs that draw an outline from the newest Podesta Emails. I have compiled more then 500 pdfs and will continue to outline what a lot of the convos mean. If you have any questions Pertaining to the information below feel free to comment.

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Option 1: Trump Wins, the excess of information continues to flow after the election is even done, Hillary will either lose any position of power and be demoted within the government elite or she will be killed by the government to  continue the narrative that Russia is trying to influence the Corrupt U.S. government (which needs no influence because it is already corrupt), that Trump can negate because of his position.

Option 2: Hillary Wins, she continues to force the Russian Narrative that leads Americans to not trust the government, she is killed and it is framed as Russian operative, that gets the ball rolling to a WW3 type of war set mostly in the middle east, possibly extending the use of nuclear weapons but not necessarily.

Option 3: Hillary Wins, the government disregards the justice of liberty, no one is ever charged for any crimes that have been disclosed, they choose to keep Hillary alive and prove that the government elite and the U.S. government have become a communist nation, this leads to an inevitable War with Russia, because of the lack of respect to the rest of the world and to American Citizens. The presidential election is being watched by foreign governments around the world wondering if the United States is in fact crumbling as a democracy and as a Nation. This option being the most dangerous as cities become worse, funding becomes worse, and Russia goes to War with the U.S. Option 3 leads to inevitable use of Nuclear weapons in the Middle east, and possibly on U.S. soil as Putin has been monitoring the collapse of the American Government and has been accused of being the reason. Which just is not true.

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