Saudi Arabia and ISIS are FBI tools, Unfortunate For Yemen

Recent News and reports have a Bombing In Yemen Claiming the Lives of over 80 people. Also ISIS has come forward and claimed Responsibility for the Attack Boasting about their will to fight on and not die out, contrary to MSM reports. The True Story here lies beneath the surface as much of the actual news does because of the incompetence for MSM to report factual information or report something that is not an order from their higher ups.

Saudi Arabia and Yemen have been at war for years. Actually it is more like Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen for years, which weirdly began right as Hillary Clinton became Secretary of state. Backed with U.S. weapons approved by Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary,  Saudi Arabia has actually become one of the largest purchasers of U.S. weapons. What is also quite peculiar is that Hillary’s was given a 25 million Dollar Donation to the Clinton Foundation from Saudi Arabia right before she took position as secretary of state in 2008. Closely Following next year in 2009 as Clinton began to flex her power, Saudi Arabia and Yemen have a Boarder conflict that starts it all in Operation Scorched Earth.  Closely Following her Rise to Secretary ,in 2010 Hillary signs off on a 60 Billion Dollar export of Weapons to the Country where, beheading Gays, and Beating women is socially acceptable not to mention the country that had previously donated 25 Million Dollars to her foundation before she got the power to sign off on weapons deals.

As of 2015 Saudi Arabia has actually imposed a Blockade on Yemen causing a reported 80% of people in the country to be malnourished and need emergency assistance. With A blockade imposed and continuous Air Strikes being Carried out killing 6,000+ Civilians, it’s safe to say Yemen is slowly dying. Estimated hundreds of thousands have been displaced and have become refugees.

If You Go back to my Previous article New Wiki Leak Shows Hillary Profits Off Of ISIS and Other Armed Groups In Middle East it’s safe to Say Hillary’s Strong Ties to ISIS and Saudi Arabia Seem fishy as the country of Yemen continues to be destroyed with United States Weapons.

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  1. How can it be that Hillary provide Saudi Arabia with weapons? Why did the American government allow that?

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