2016 Vikings Predictions

With Preseason wrapping up, and just the Los Angeles Rams Left on the schedule, the Vikings will look ahead to their first regular season inside the new half of a billion dollar, state of the art, US Bank Stadium.

Last Year around this time I gave the Vikings a generous Season Prediction of 10-6, and they actually surprised everyone and went 11-5. Teddy Showed Poise, the key factor to that season was him not making many mistakes and allowing one of the greatest Running backs of all time Adrian Peterson to carry the load.

This season I have the Vikings going 14-2. Loss one comes in Week 3 at Carolina, It’ll be a teddytest to how well they work against a Proven Super Bowl Caliber Team and a Team Still Hungry to get back to the championship after losing to Denver last season. Loss two comes in Week 16 at Green Bay, Something they will quickly Bounce back from in week 17 against the Bears at Home. Both Loses will be more of a test then they will be disappointing (Keep That In Mind Minnesota Fans Upset I had them Loosing to Green Bay in Lambeau).

Teddy Bridgewater has shown nothing but improvement in the Pocket and reading defenses this preseason. The offense can be Dangerous, a healthy Rudolph, Diggs and Peterson, could mean the first QB, RB, WR1, TE Probowl Ballot we’ve Ever seen (Maybe a Rams or Colt Team I’m Not Sure). With the Ability to Use the pass blocking and open up those running lanes I don’t think It will hinder AP’s stats at all and might even bump him over the 1,500 yard mark this season. Teddy should get over the 20 Touchdown Mark this season and although I do not See him breaking the 4,000 Passing Yard mark, increasing from last years total of 3,200 t0 around 3,800 should bring in those extra touchdowns. All of this makes Adrian Peterson More Dangerous. Meaning you don’t need to give AP 25 Carries for him to finally break that 50 yard play, when the box isn’t being stacked to specifically stop him.

That Being Said this is going to be a very very exciting team to watch this year, On both sides of the field the vikings are stacked with defensive playmakers like Harrison, Kendrick’s, Robinson, Griffen, Barr, the Depth is apparent. Six Guys with Over 3 Sacks, and as long as veteran Terrance Newman can Stay Healthy and Xavier Rhodes can Keep Improving Into a Solid Defensive Back, they can produce a Top 10 defense in the NFL.

Not Saying the Vikings are going to win The Super Bowl, but if stars aline, and there is such thing as perfect timing, this would be It. It’s A long season, if the Vikings can stay healthy, they just might very well get their first ever Super Bowl Championship.

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