#DonaldTrump, The Voice Of The People


In all honesty Trump isn’t Running Against Hillary anymore, he’s pretty much running a popularity contest gaining the American Peoples Trust as well as people in government positions. Hillary is running against herself, who seems to have a huge corruption problem, although Hillary has seemed to squeak by unscathed by numerous reports on her corruption, I can say with 100% honesty I think Hillary Clinton Will End up In Prison.

As far as trumps Immigration Policy which seems to be the Main focus of Attacks By the Clinton Team, I do feel he very much does want to Build a wall although I’m Not very sure it will ever get passed, The amount of Illegal Immigrants coming into the country is a Problem. For people to be Pro Illegal Immigration is un-American, You can Be Anti Illegal Immigrant and Still believe In immigration reform, allowing the Upstanding Illegal Immigrants a better chance at obtaining Citizenship.

Immigration reform also ties into trumps Claims that he is Going to Ban all muslims from entering the Country for a specific time, Trump is a business man, not a politician, It wont be legal to ban a group of people who share the Same religion from entering the United States. I think he knows this but I think it shows how seriously He takes the American Peoples Safety from terrorists who are growing in Power contrary to MSM reports, Hillary Clinton, and the Obama Administration skewed information.

As far as taxes are Concerned Donald Trumps Reform Simplifies the Tax Brackets as well as try to bring more investors and Jobs back to the united states. We’ve seen more and more jobs and businesses outsourced overseas, as a business man, Trump knows how companies profit by outsourcing and can Coax companies to help strengthen the infrastructure of the middle class by making it more ideal to up shop her in America by helping Business right here at home with Tax burdens caused by regulations formed by the Obama Administration.

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