Science That Proves God Exists

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Let me Start by Saying, Multiple Scientific theories will be used to Prove That God exists. This again, is my own Theory, MSG is what I named it so it can be shortened. Not be confused with Madison Square Garden. “Multi-verse Singular God” Theory.

So readers do not Claim I am some Sort of Anti-Christ, my religious background was Christian from around 5 to around 18 years Old. Throughout this Whole time, I attended Covenant Pines Bible Camp every summer sometimes multiple times. I attended Church, not regularly but enough to know the Key Verses Like “John 3:16” and “Mathew 7:24” by heart, and actually, I always wish I could go back to the Bible camp even though I’m not a Christian I believe all religions stem from a place where God influenced people to do right, that is until Man found out how powerful religion was and used it to his advantage. I am still very Spiritual and Get along with people who believe in all religions.

MSG Theory is made up of Multi-Verse Theory, Chaos Theory, General Relativity, and Theoretical Science’s “Negative Mass”. There are probably a lot of other Theories I cover in my explanation and a lot of theories that I debunk if this is true, which I believe it to be. Anything I Don’t give a name to that already has a name feel free to email or comment below so I can be sure to give credit where It is due.

So Let’s Get Started with the Basics.

There are a Number of Different Theories about Multi-verse. These are “Alternate Universes” where there is someone who is Almost just like you except something is a little different, Maybe Pink Hair, maybe He/She is a couple inches taller. The possibilities are endless because of the fact there would be an infinite number of things you could change to create a different universe. For example, it could be something very small, like instead of Pink hair, you had one less strand of hair. Crazy Right? Now take a Universe where you have one less strand of hair, and apply it to someone else. That’s another universe. Everything in the World is going on exactly like the one where I’m typing this to you now, except in that universe I have one less strand of hair. If you were put there you wouldn’t even be able to tell difference. Just imagine the Number of universes when you get to talking about Taking away or giving one less Atom in a body.

That is how to alternate or create a Multiverse in regards to mass.

Now if those possibilities didn’t see infinite enough we get into the complication of Time in a Multi Verse Theory.

You can keep all your Strands of hair for this one. You’re the exact same you, except in another Universe this Morning you chose to put on a Different Color Shirt then the one you’re wearing now. Doesn’t seem like it would do much right? You’d probably be correct, you could have one less strand of hair and different shirt on then the one you’re wearing right now and the world would probably function the same. Keep in mind we talking about a single day as to not confuse you that every day every second you could be making a different choice which is where Chaos Theory comes into play.

Now that we got both of those things out of the way.

Imagine that instead of you Wearing a different shirt and missing one Piece of hair, everyone in the world was wearing a different shirt, the same shirt, and now everyone is missing a strand of hair. Now we have a universe that obviously is some sort of Cult and The World Now has a mass That is Smaller but not noticeably. The possibilities are endless. The Number of people you affect, the object you choose to effect, the time you choose to effect the thing, and if you choose to effect it more than once, like I said, Unlimited.

Now we can Get to the MSG. This requires you to again Understand that If Multi-verse theory is intended to be what it is, which is an infinite number of universes, your possibilities are endless.

In A Universe There is a “God”. In an infinite number of Universes there is a “God”. A God/Entity/Concentration of Energy with Unlimited capabilities would come to a conclusion there was no need for Multiple Versions of itself. Thus all Are One. If The “God” Came to this conclusion it would result in A Single Universe. Whether The Universe We Currently Live in Started with a God or Not would not be the question, because with Multi-Verse a God in this universe would be Fact.

This is the Shell of the Theory, there is so much more I Could Explain but I’d rather not Rant on for those who actually have read this blog post. MSG is not a Theory bent of making all People accept the same religion or creating world peace it goes into deeper understand that Humans are a specially designed organism capable of measuring thing’s unseen and seen alike that give us answers to the world.

I am to this day fascinated by religion, its power and the obsession behind it, as well as science and humans need to produce facts as to how the world works. At one point in time Humans Believed the Sun was A God, at another time the world was flat. Understanding how and why things work the way they do is an interest of mine I don’t think I will ever loose.

So that was an outline of what I believe in. Safe to say I might be the only one who thinks this way, and probably will ever think this way.

Thank You for Reading.

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