Breaking News: FBI Paid By Hillary to Cover up Benghazi, Parents of Fallen Victims File LawSuit.

Two large advocates, one who says, “Hillary Clinton is Personally Responsible for My Childs Death” will be filing a Lawsuit against former Secretary of State. The Lawsuit outlines that Hillary has shown Negligence, Extreme Carelessness, and even defamation of the Children that have passed away during the Sep 11th attack on the US Embassy. The characteristics that make her Unfit to become the president of the United States, ultimately are the characteristics of a convicted inmate at a prison.

In the Case of Benghazi’s fallen Americans Many believed that there was direct action within the former Secretary of states power to Send Air support and Aid to victims at the over run embassy. Also with regards to the Clinton server that was hacked she had been emailing about locations and traveling schedules of Diplomats which would have been given away during a hack. She originally blamed Russia for the Hack, which Russia Denies and that the Founder of WikiLeaks also denies claiming that they are not getting their information from Russia or From Putins men.

Unfortunately I do Not think the Law Suit will go through. It would mean the investigations ran by the FBI was doctored, or even thrown out. What it would mean for a Law suit on Mrs. Clinton and her Handling’s of Benghazi? It Would raise questions as to the Way the FBI handled their Investigation and why a third party could ultimately find Hillary Clinton Guilty of something that would constitute as an act Treason that the FBI could not. My heart goes out to the many Victims of Hillary’s Negligence over the years. The Clinton foundation has her pockets lined so thick with money that its evident that she is able to pay her way to the White House. No one able to check or balance, no one able to stand up to her for long because even someone who had their Primary Rigged, Bernie Sanders, realizes that Theres no way he can stand up to Big Money and Government Corruption Hillary’s Been working on it for 30+ years.


Video Above of FBI agents Collecting Information from Hillary’s Campaign, Never Reported are they destroying Evidence? Why no coverage? You be the Judge.

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