New Wiki Leak Shows Hillary Profits Off Of ISIS and Other Armed Groups In Middle East

As if you Didn’t think it was already true, new reports show that Hillary Donor Lafarge, a cement company who has factories in Syria, has been paying the Islamic Terrorist Group ISIS as well as other Armed Militia Groups taxes to insure it’s safety of operation in Syria.

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Lafarge Connections to Hillary Clinton are far from recent, during the 80’s and 90’s with Clinton working directly for the Company they had been connected to under the table weapons sales to Saddam Hussein. These Type of Donors are also trading oil with the Islamic state to insure that they can operate their companies in peace without the implication of having to defend against terrorist attacks.

With Companies trading goods with Terrorist groups they are in turn able to sell those to countries in the surrounding areas. This keeps them Well equipped with Weapons, Oil, and other goods so that they can continue to grow and destabilize the middle east for their agenda. (Wiki Link Promoted Information on Hillary’s Connection To Terrorists)

Although suspected that Hillary’s had ties to companies that work closely with Terrorist Groups, suspicion is something more of a Fact now. Hillary is Funding and Profiting off of the lack of stability in the Middle east which is then funneled through her Clinton Foundation where less then 20% of the companies Money goes to Charity. Hillary’s Pockets grow larger through her foundation from Governments like Saudi Arabia, where it is punishable by Death to announce your self as gay. They Also grow from terrorist Groups in the middle easy whom are paid in materials as well as money to work in the areas they occupy, it is evident that not only Is Hillary the reason that these Groups continue to grow and expand in power, but that she lacks the Moral Sympathy to run the United States. Although Moral misconduct is not enough to impeach or send a person to prison in most aspects, conscious deals with Terrorist Suppliers as well as the Terrorist groups themselves is a act of treason and should be dealt with as such.



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