How I Went From Bernie To Trump, All Because of Hillary

I consider myself to be neither Democrat nor Republican. I consider myself a person who realizes, different times in America, call for a different approach.

At this time in America, anything but Hillary’s corrupt politics – her foundation money laundering – and take over of Main Stream Media is what America Needs. Before you roll your eyes and begin spewing things about Trump, let me state the biggest reason I am voting for Trump.

Trump was able to polarize a large amount of Americans without the backing of the RNC, you know, almost the same way Bernie Sanders was able to produce such a large following even with the DNC and Hillary plotting against his campaign. The fact that Donald Trump has actually Proven that the peoples voice still means something. That it’s able to go against these government groups who’s main initiative it is to get WHO THEY WANT into office, not represent the peoples voice. That is what Hillary Clinton and the DNC did to Bernie Voters. Took their money without actually giving Sanders a chance to run an unbiased race. Unbiased puts it lightly, if you read the DNC Leaks you understand it was actually set in motion far before it was over that Bernie Sanders would not be the DNC’s focus although he produced Millions in fundraising for the DNC, which means they knowingly had Bernie accept money for their cause but didn’t let the people know they were donating to a cause that would never see the light of day.

People always ask “When was America Ever Great?”

I’ve struggled with this seeing as if i go back in history my Ancestors of African American Heritage were refused rights. So that could not possibly be the America I feel was ever “Great”. If we change the wording “When was The American GOVERNMENT Ever Great?” I would say before the Influence of Super Pacs. The Same Ones that Conspired with the DNC, Wall Street, and Hillary Clinton to Rig the Democratic Primary. The ones who refused to speak on behalf of the people, the Democrats, the younger generation who will be leading this country in the future, and inevitably the ones who refused to give Bernie Sanders a Fighting chance.

Although I can not bring myself to accept all of Trumps Empty Policies he promises to get passed, Standing with Trump makes me feel more American then siding with a political figure who has corrupted Their own party (Hillary) and even stand by Bernie Sanders as he has Refused to step up against Hillary Clinton. Without Him standing Up to Hillary Clinton, and With Clinton now in full control of the DNC, It raises questions as to why Bernie will not go after the one who continues to remove any leverage he has. I am assume the DNC will keep paying Bernie Sanders Very Nicely in the Recent light that the DNC Leak came out. To keep him Happy and Quiet, he will have become the corruption that he and his voters once stood for.

Standing With Trump is Standing By the American People, not a Republican, Not A Democrat, you’re standing up to the Fact the American Vote and Voice Matter.

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