WikiLeaks Release Recap: Primary Rigged, Main Stream Media Paid For, and DNC Corruption.

If you haven’t read an article on this website before; Welcome to the corner of the Internet not corrupted by Hillary’s endless amounts of Money from the Clinton foundation, or from the DNC, and that also has no Agenda but to bring you the Most Unbiased point of view.

House of Cards is a fun show to watch and say to your friends “HAHA yeah bro, I bet our government does that to us, it’s all so fucked up” but when you have evidence of under the table payments to control huge entities in order to rig Elections, and complete lack of respect for Cultures, sexual preference, and heritage, and you actually placed a bet on the previous Statement above, you just hit the jackpot.

Wiki Leaks started their 7-day email release of information that was Deleted from Hillary Clintons Private Server. The one in context, when she told everyone “Who Cares at the point” what was deleted or was left unread when she handed over 20,000 emails to the FBI.

Now, because there is still information being leaked and there is so much to read in this new set of 20,000 emails, I will give you a quick outline of some of the things that we now have UNDENIABLE evidence of. Stuff Politicians are forced to resign over, are impeached for, and most of all, are convicted for.

Bernie Sanders Leverage



Hillary is using the DNC to suppress information and Control media outlets so that even people within her own party realize there is questionable things happening with the Clintons Many accounts that Money is being transferred through.

Meetings with MSM high ups have filled the news with people that take direct orders from Hillary and Her Affiliates. Her Team Actually becomes part of the Main Stream Media, the DNC, and Hillary’s Campaign- which makes their individual Donation cap easy to pass up if these members are also part of those same Super pacs.

The Fact that Bernie Sanders was mentioned in relation to the California Primary, proves that the DNC had already decided that Hillary was the one who was to be Funded by Super-Pacs and numerous large entities. This does not include the Foreign Donations to the clinton foundation.

Other emails show that Hillary and her Team do not actually know who her voting base is. Groups like Black Lives Matter have been paid, and they assume the Mexican americans are ignorant and stereotype based off ethnic background and sex. The fact she has paid for all of her media attention and  Polls Has her confused now as to who she should be reaching out to, and whether its a good time to Play the Race card yet or not. Which actually Coincides with her VP choice being Completely against Abortion and Planned Parent hood. It is al backwards as to what she has been telling America is what I’m trying to get at.

It comes down to the fact we are living a time where the peoples technology and the Spread of information move at an alarming rate, (For everyone who was not up between the hours of 10:00 Pm Central time to around 3:00AM, Twitter Refused to let #DNCLeak #DNCLeaks Trend even after hours of tweets that had massive amounts of retweets and discussion.)

The fact that these social media Guys are the main source of information along all with the large Entities like NY post, Politico, and Huffington Post that are in direct Contact with Hillary along with transfers of money between the Entities, it gives America a North Korea Feel where information is controlled by the government. If Media and Journalism is the 4th Branch of the Government like we all know it is, bias is one thing but being able to control another branch is exactly the opposite of checking and balancing. Which leads right back to where we all thought this was going originally, If Hillary has Corrupted Main stream Media, The Top Judge in the Nation, the Leader of the FBI, and her plan has to keep everyone ignorant for the longest time, how is this woman not in prison for treason amongst many other charges. This actually leads to a number of powerful people within multiple branches and media outlets to also be charged with the corruption they aided within the United states Government.

I encourage you to do Some research because this is actually what the media outlets are trying to spin as another accident or not a big deal…but it very much is, regardless of political party the disturbing amount of evidence stacked against Hillary Clinton and the fact she is still able to run for President of the United States of America has me thinking that more and more people are in on this Hillary Fiasco.

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