Can you Handle The Truth?

It is 2016, I refuse to Sugar coat the complete Neglect and irresponsibility the government continues to display to its american People.

As fucking corny as Anonymous is, the representation is perfect.


We The People, not the ones who work for the government, are being oppressed. From the Very top where presidential Candidates like Hillary Clinton have a different set of rules then the rest of us, to the girls who get raped only to have their rapists let off with a slap on the wrist, and most recently, innocent men being murdered in cold blood while the police officers that shot them sit at home on paid leave and never face criminal charges.

The list goes on and on, Veterans who Health care leaves them struggling for money, rejected from hospitals and waiting for medicine approval, or on the side of the street. The college kid who has the government profiting off of universities while he or she struggles for the next 15-20 years to pay it off, that’s if they even pay it off. The Muslim American whose family has been here for generations that still get ugly looks everywhere they go. Like I said the list is on going. In most of the cases It is THE GOVERNMENT that fuels the fire and gets us point fingers at different religions, races, sex,age, when in actuality the only ones oppressing Americans in any of those instances is the Government itself.


On the Topic Police Officers Killing Innocent unarmed men, it is incredible that those who are unarmed are a group with people who shoot at police officers. That is, no officer has been convicted of murder in a fairly long while (I will not be Linking any Mass Media Websites or any other Website but I know my information is factual and hopefully you go look for your self and find websites that don’t have a Political Agenda). When Common American People Stand together and Realize it’s not White Cop Vs Black Man it is Government worker who will Suffer No consequences (or people able to pay them) Vs Average American Citizen.


Below are examples of the Government Oppressing people, do not take the Individual who is oppressing as a person just an extension of the Governments Power.

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