Crooked Hillary: Evolution Of Government Corruption

Hillary’s Most Recent Scandal Happened Today. Four People were arrested inside Trumps Campaign Building searching for secrets as well as trying to wire tap phones to gain an edge. They admitted Hilary had paid them to stay quiet, but as the FBI got involved, they slowly started to speak up on the Plans Hillary has been putting in motion to assure that her Next Step In her Run to become President was Fool Proof. Making Hilary The Newest President of the United States.

Obviously I can’t make those claims (although I wouldn’t put it past the woman), If you said that soundly very familiar to Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal in 1972, you’d be correct.

Still absolutely Insane till this day. The lengths that he went to to Gain the title of POTUS.

Whats Still Even more insane?

The Fact Hillary Clinton Makes Richard Nixon look like a Child. Yes you heard me, The most Well known Crook in the History of the United States Government looks like an Amateur Child pulling off Playground Pranks Compared to Hillary Clintons Numerous, impressively thought out, corrupt acts, Old and New.

Now that we Jogged your memory on the corruption that lead Mr. Nixon to resign before his inevitable impeachment. I would like to say this sort of corruption comes in many forms and it’s just Nixon’s Face that has become the poster. Almost like Mr Smith in The Matrix.


Watergate was bad, but lets go into some thing Hillary Clinton Has actually Done recently  that should have caused her to loose any possible Job in the Government, end up Behind Bars, and honestly Reverse the Weird idea that Hilary Clinton is actually Fit to lead a country when she’s time and time again been a front runner for the Title Richard Nixon holds. “America’s Biggest Crook”

Still very Recent and Still Vastly overlooked by everyone, is the Countless Emails She had kept on a separate Server regarding conversations about Government secrets.

When Clinton got to the Department, she opted to use her personal email account as a matter of convenience. It enabled her to reach people quickly and keep in regular touch with her family and friends more easily given her travel schedule.

Straight From the Source. Hillary Explains that The email was to keep up with friends and family. What doesn’t add up is the fact that, Government Officials needed to be granted special access to read the Emails because of the Classified information she had been communicating about.

30000 emails were wiped off that server used for family and friends. Containing how much more classified information. Complete Neglect for Nation Security.

But hey!

Maybe you’re the person who gives Hillary the Benefit of the doubt and she just wanted to clean that old Email full of Facebook conversations up.


Which leads us to The Hillary Foundation. Who were all those Facebook Conversations with? Those close friends Donating to the recently Flagged Charity by Wall Street would be a likely assumption correct?

In an article produced by the Washington Post the writer reiterates that “If former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell (R) might go to jail for receiving lavish gifts for a donor for whom he made a few phone calls, what would be the remedy….. for Hilary”.

Maybe those Foreign Countries that Needed the Secretary of States permission for Weapon Import and Exports. Countries Like Saudi Arabia or wait what about the fact Benghazi was done with weapons found in a country Sanctioned by the United Nations that was Approved for a massive shipment. Countless Times has Hilary jeopardized the safety of the American People.

She Fights For Women’s Rights. – She is Funded by Governments who completely Neglect Women.

She is tough on Gun control. – She continuously has been a huge component in arming the middle east.

I hate to Take anything Donald Trump Says Seriously


Move Over Nixon. There’s a New Crook With their Eyes on the White House.




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