Huey P teamed up with Veteran and Mega Producer DJ Drama To bring you his newest Mixtape “206253”. The Mixtape Is Available on Datpiff. Although a Stand Alone artist with his conscious mixtape available on Soundcloud Did You Get The Message? , a few Big names make an appearance on top of DJ Drama with 20653, its a Mixtape in Album Form with the Mixture of songs with sure Radio Quality. Not Downloading this after checking out some details By Huey P himself would be a mistake.

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Q:  Huey P, Real Name? Where are you from? (Did you grow up Seattle?)

A:  Hugh Brown is my real name. From Washington State. (Seattle/Tacoma area)

Q:  Did you get the message was Fire, Can we expect that same kinda feel on your New Mixtape “206253”? Whats the number mean? 

A: The feel will be completely different. With this tape I wanted to show case versatility. So there will be motivating tracks on there but there will be fun tracks , experimental tracks and more. The Numbers are the main area codes of where I’m from 206 & 253 . This one is for the home team. So the title just fit what I wanted to do. 

Q: DJ Drama is a beast, did he do the full mixtape for you? How’d you guys link up?

A: Yea we did the full joint. First Gangsta Grillz ever in Washington. We linked a few years ago. He heard some music and we connected through my management (Tjyoloent & BosslifeEnt).

Q: Can we expect anyone else to be on the mixtape with you? 

A: There will features from Ty Dolls $ign, J.Winans, and a few local artist i work with . as well as a surprise feature I have on there.

Q: Did you get to Freestyle with Cassidy?

A: I didn’t get to freestyle with him but I did make the song with him . Good dude. 

Q: Who were music influences growing up? Any artists besides yourself you listen too?

A: Beanie Sigel , Lupe Fiasco, Joe Budden, Cassidy, Eminem.  As far as rappers go. But I’m into more soulful music. 

Q: What’s next an album? Tour? Another Mix tape in the Works?

A: Expect a tour, visuals, more music, features. A lot of hard work. Expect a lot of hard work. 

Look forward to seeing the Name Huey P around the music scene more.

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