The End Of Democracy

Over the last few centuries its safe to say the fabric of the United States Democracy as we know it, has been under attack. Whether the rise in terrorism, or other countries testing the United States ability to keep “peace” and police the world.
Although I am specifically going to talk about the interior influences that are holding back the Most Powerful Country’s ability to Unify the masses, foreign relationships have always held a huge weight on how the people view the ones in power.


The 2016 election has been nothing less than a symbol of how far we’ve distanced ourselves from a country ran by the PEOPLE for the PEOPLE ,to a country ran on the principal of “Fake it till you make it”. I can’t help but look back at previous election years and view the stances candidates have stuck to firmly and promises they’ve kept, and compare them to Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Now understandably you’re not going to like every president that takes over the white house, but a president who’s campaign solely hangs on attacking others is nothing but a reality TV show for the mass media to flip which ever way they want. A candidate with a solid foundation for the direction they plan to take the country is something you can respect. Choosing the lesser of two evils or voting for a candidate because you don’t like the other has become what fuels our presidential campaigns and it is growing out of control.
On one hand we have a democratic candidate in Hilary Clinton who’s voting record and stances have been embarrassing as far as consistency. Continuing to feed the American People whatever they want to hear to gain followers, has left her ever growing support mentally Obese.

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The other Side of the coin Donald Trump has done nothing but separate people of different Ethnic backgrounds, religious preferences, economic status, and age groups, and has no “middle ground” when looking at his plans in terms of a van diagram.
The two party system in 2016 has become a monster controlling peoples minds, which didn’t happen over night. It’s more evident then ever before watching Donald Trump lack support from the GOP, but in a sense holding them captive, inspiring their Republican Followers to come forward and spark even more controversy with their stances anlot of which are even more ridiculous then the person they plan on voting for. This leads Democrats to say “if thats what Trump stands for why wouldn’t i vote for Hilary?” We could create a montage of Hilary trying to retrace her steps when faced with questions on previous answers she’s given, from war, to women rights, to support she’s given other candidates that have no correlation with her stances now. Now why would you support someone who’s political agenda has nothing to do with what your stances are? Money.
Hilary BagageHilary Now and Than
Hilary Clinton is the worlds top Political Prostitute. Women will take that and flip it saying Prostitute is a word attacking a specific gender, when honestly if they would “mentally exercise” they’d realize political prostitution has corrupted the fabric of the United States Democracy.
Trump, while not a political prostitute has become some what of a business prostitute, promising to “Make America Great again”, but if you do a little research you learn that a lot of Trumps biggest profit margins in business come from outsourcing to other countries. Both can lie to the people and do something completely different and somehow grow in popularity.

So what can the people do?

I ask myself this question constantly.


I’ve found it impossible to produce stats that can change the minds of the majority. Facts DO NOT matter anymore and the web that is continuing to be spun by these people ruining our Democracy is only getting larger and stronger. The Only Thing we are able to do as the People of the United States is quit letting these people separate us to the point where violence, slander, and even death are common. The country is not being Ran by the People it is being ran by those in power, using us as puppets to support their agendas where smoke and mirror acts are ever so common leaving little transparency. On top of that, the transparency that the American Population does get into the agendas of the powerful, is quickly dismissed because of the loyalty to political affiliation covered in lies. If the american people can not find a way to look past Red and Blue we will continue to be brain washed to support things unseen until it is to late.
If it were up to me America would experience their first ever recast of candidates, seeing how that is impossible because of the money moving through foundations and bank accounts it is to late for this election to be saved, research based on unbiased opinions delivered by non political affiliated sources should be the future.

Neither Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton can “Make America Great Again” its up to the People.

Open your eyes.

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