GS is a 3peat In The Making


If you watched Game 2 vs the Trail Blazers you saw the problems that the Warriors Suffer without Curry in the line up. You also saw the sort of depth they have not to mention how talented this team is even without Steph.

Now that we’ve gotten past the Warriors Beating The Bulls single season win record, Whats the next Step in their legacy? There hasn’t been a team to repeat since the 2012 and 2013 season when Lebron took his talents to South Bach. Before that, Kobe Bryant got his fourth and fifth ring with the Lakers in 2009 and 2010.

Now I’m going to get ahead of myself because ESPN and top analysts respect the Warriors but don’t give them the credit on the potential that they have. Which is the potential to be one of the greatest teams the NBA has ever seen.

No doubt in my mind that the Warriors will win this years championship, and honestly i think they can 3 peat.

Teams will begin scrambling to create “Super Teams” again, who knows if OKC’s tandem of Durant and WestBrook stays together. The spurs are only getting older and have locked in their future with Leonard and Lamarcus. Teams Like Toronto,Boston, Dallas, and the Blazers, need more talent.

It feels like every team is either on the decline or can’t get over the hump to get to the next level. So it comes down to Lebron and the Cavs. Unfortunately for the Cavs, Lebron talked about playing with other superstars because of their friendship off the court. Realistically that might be the NBAs only chance to stop The Golden State Warriors from Three-Peating.

The teamwork of the Warriors is something that the Bulls never had. You can’t tell me that Pippen would have lead this team to a Ring, because he had a chance and it didn’t happen. This is not Klays team when Curry is out, it becomes a beast where the multiple pieces fit together perfectly and i do think they could still win a championship without Curry even though it would take some magical play by the Warriors. Even when you’re ahead, you can’t let off the gas whether Curry is in Or Out, Steve Kerr has done an amazing Job and I can’t wait to watch the Finals again this year. Enjoy the Ride.

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