Sleepless Nights: Marques Ogden Interview

Former NFL player Marques Ogden has seen his share of success in multiple aspects of life. From his Graduation from prestigious Howard University to his draft day into the NFL leading to playing for Multiple teams, and eventually starting a successful company after the NFL. Marques Ogden is a person who’s strived to become great at everything he has done. After a series of Unfortunate events ending in him becoming Bankrupt another road block seemed to be staring Ogden right in the face. The question was, did Marques have it in him to overcome yet another feat after climbing the ladder of success and falling back to square one. In Ogden’s new book Sleepless Nights: The NFL: A Business and Family he goes into detail about his struggles that he had to overcome to get where he is today. As man of inspiration, Love and perseverance, I was lucky to have Mr. Ogden Answer a couple of questions to get some insight into the Man behind Mask.


Q:  Sleepless Nights is your New Book, does it cover life before your Career in the NFL to now or what parts of your life does it go into detail on?

A: Sleepless Nights actually shares details of my life before, during and after the NFL. I would say the strongest focus is on how I survived and learned to thrive after the NFL.

Q:  When you were growing up with your Older Brother Jonathan did you ever feel like you lived in his shadow? (In terms of NFL Success or even preceding that, such as children, younger brother trying to fill the older brothers shoes type of thing)

A: That’s a great question. I think that’s something that all siblings experience. No matter how gifted or talented you are, you always are going to be compared to your other sibling, especially if your brother is Jonathan Ogden. It was great growing up with him! He looked out for me and I learned a lot from him…I still do.

Q:  Your Life has been far from easy. Just by what I know about you before this Q&A alone. What were the toughest obstacles you experienced at different levels in life? (Childhood, Colligate, NFL and beyond)

A: Another great question! You know, I look back over the obstacles and two big things come to mind for me. The first and by far most difficult was when my dad passed away. That’s something you never really get over, but you learn to keep going and deal with it. He was a superhero to me and his passing was monumental and very, very difficult for me. Losing my business was another difficulty I had to endure but I look at those obstacles and the others I’ve made it over and I now realize there was a lesson to learn. Each obstacle taught me that I am tougher and more resilient than I’d thought.


Q:  How did you end up getting the help of the NFL after your successful company took a turn for the worst and left you bankrupt? (Did you reach out to them or had you still been involved in things around the league that kept your connections open)

A: I’ll never forget how the NFL came to my side when I really needed help. That’s why I call them a family. I was at the bottom of the barrel so to speak. I’d had people I trusted turn on me and hurt me; I had people walk away from me. I was literally calling it quits, cleaning up my things when I came across some information about NFL assistance for former and active NFL players. It was a glimmer of hope. I called that number and they gave me a helping hand.

Q: Outside of your Immediate Family, whom I assume have always been in your corner supporting you, who has been with you through a lot of your journey or who has helped you out of some of these tough positions?

A: I really don’t want to call names because I’m sure I’ll forget someone and that’s never good! But I’ll just say I’ve had help from people like coaches and teachers and a few close friends. Those people know who they are and I make sure they know how much I appreciate them.


Q: What was your most memorable moment in the NFL? (Game/Award/Player you played against/Teammate)

A: The most memorable experience of my NFL career was my first game against the Minnesota Vikings when the mascot came out on his motorcycle, waving his axe. Another memorable moment was when I was playing against first round draft pick Kevin Williams from Oklahoma State. That for sure was an amazing, yet intimidating experience!

Q: Do you still stay involved with Football? Have you thought of working on a coaching staff at a college or Professional level?

A: I’m definitely involved in football and I don’t ever think it will completely ever be out of my life. It’s in my blood, you know? I currently direct a terrific organization called Odgen Elite Football Camp. We’re a camp in Raleigh, NC. We teach kids about the benefits of fitness, teamwork and perseverance. I also have the opportunity to play in a few games occasionally.

Q: From here where do you see the path leading you? What’s next for Marcus Ogden; you’re still young what dreams are you still focused on accomplishing?

A: I’m excited about my life right now! A lot of great things are happening.  I’m currently touring the country promoting my book, Sleepless Nights: The NFL, A Family and Business”. I’m also a keynote speaker at corporate events and conferences nationwide. I also host two workshops: one is called “Corporate Talks with Marques Ogden” which focuses on improving employee efficiency. The other workshop, “Friday Night Talks” gives people the keys to unleash their passions and monetize their skills and dreams. My team works with me to bring these workshops across the country and the feedback has been phenomenal so far. I’m working with existing and potential sponsors as a spokesperson as well. I’m in the best shape of my life physically, spiritually and emotionally.  So to answer your question of where my path is leading me…I’m totally open and prepared!

As a Man of tremendous talent I am positive that Marques will continue to see success from here on out. His book is available on amazon currently as he is also traveling promoting. His Football camp Ogden Elite schedule can be viewed by clicking on the link. Also keep up with Marques on social media at his twitter handle @Marques_Ogden.



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