What To Do with Syria’s Refugees

One side Compares the refugees to M&Ms saying “if i gave you 1000 M&Ms and 10 were poisoned would you take the chance of eating them?”

The other using the All Lives Matter motto mocking Americans saying “All lives matter? Syria Refugees Need help, where is your compassion now?”

At a time in history where Americans are struggling between showing compassion for the world, and protecting the well being of the country, the division of the countries beliefs is easily apparent. What most people do not realize is that every president has a limit of the number of refugees the United States is able to take in each year, this is determined by the American Immigration Council.


While Concern comes from terrorists that seem to use the refugees as a shield to sneak into countries, that number is small compared to the number of people that need help. The attack on Paris has not stopped Paris from letting in their promised 30,000 Refugees.

At the beginning of this controversy, I considered an approach a lot like the  Japanese Interment camps that were used during WWII, as a viable option to deal with the danger. Although a viable option to contain any terrorists that sneak past, those camps caused more division in the country do to lack of Medical supplies and food that were given to the Japanese.  Using the French as a catalyst to execute our own acceptance of refugees, it seems that the leaders of the free world (The United States Of America) are not leading by example this time. In fact, it is almost understandable that fear of another 9/11 attack which killed 2,996 people (compared to 129 in the Paris Attacks), has United States citizens reluctant to back a mass migration of Syrian refugees. Since 2011 the United States has taken in a little more then 500 refugees from Syria before 2015. A huge flood of over 30,000 Syrian immigrants poses a lot of threats to the well being of the country. If the American Leaders are prepared to take in the People from Syria who are dealing with persecution, a great deal of planning will be needed to keeps its citizens safe. Which means stable and humane living conditions, as well as adequate food and medical supplies.

Using the U.S. veterans who are homeless is a sad way to reject a group of people who are being slaughtered in their country. Although there are an abundance of problems with the way veterans are handled after their tours are done and they return home, that problem should have no correlation with how we handle our worldly duty as the strongest power in the world. The acceptance of Refugees from Syria is not something that is up for discussion at this point. The United States Needs to act fast. Gaining the trust of other countries is a must at this point in history, we seem to distancing ourselves from the rest of the world as of late, and it has hurt political discussions as well as well as turned our back on what has made this country great. That being “The Land of the Free, and The Home of the Brave”, this country has been built on the back of refugees and to turn a blind eye to slaughter in the World is not the American Way.


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