Can the Warriors Break the 95-96 Bulls 72-10 Record

The Answer is Yes.

Through the First 10 games of the season Curry is on a Record Breaking hunt. It seems like every Game some record is being broken. Just when you think — ehh curry will cool off and the rest of the warriors will have to pick up the slack or — Curry can not keep up this pace any longer, he does it again. This isn’t just about Curry, or even whether This 15-16 team could beat the 95-96 Bulls team, it’s about the Warriors winning 72 games this season, against the current teams in the league.

The 95-96 Bulls team lead by 32 year old Michael Jordan was the most dominate season by any NBA team in history. Statistically the Warriors Stack up well against the Bulls but that’s only half the story.

(*Rank Compared to NBA during the teams specific Year)

Team Stats                   Bulls 95-96              Warriors 15-16 (Through 10 Games)


FG                                   49%(7)                            48%(3)

3pt                                   40%(3)                            41%(1)

FT                                    75%(14)                         77%(14)

RPG                                 44.6(4)                           45.7(1)

APG                                 24.8(5)                           29.3(1)

Defense (Opponent Per Game)

FG                                   45%(8)                            42%(4)

3pt                                   35%(6)                            29%(1)

FT                                    72%(4)                           76%(15)

RPG                                 38.0(4)                           43.2(29)

APG                                 19.4(1)                            20.7(28)

Different Eras, Styles of play, and Teams all around  need to be taken into account when looking at the teams on Paper.

Unlike The Bulls, The Warriors are used to playing small ball, getting up and down the court quickly and taking a lot of shots. Although the 95-96 team’s Shooting percentages are Close to the 15-16, the Warriors have 88 FGA and 30 3PA per game compared the 84 FGA and 17 3PA by the most Dominate team in history, this can alter the perception of the stats. Now like I said I we’re not trying to compare these Two teams as much as we are trying to compare their DOMINANCE in their Specific Season. Michael Jordan Won MVP that season at 32 and out of the top five in the MVP race only one player ((Penny Hardaway) who I’d also like to mention had his best season ever and then began his decline)) was under 30. An old mans league where half court offense still ran the NBA. Last season the MVP voting had 4/5 top players under 30 (Lebron James was 30) and only only big man Anthony Davis. Less and Less big men are making MVP impacts and the back court is becoming more and more talented.

As we begin to talk about Teams all around, Depth of a team has become a huge focal point in Today’s Era. Although you can have a team like the 95-96 Bulls, like the Current Oklahoma City Thunder, lack of depth always seems to be an their Achilles heel. There is no arguing that the 95-96 Bulls Point Guard, and now 15-16 Warriors head coach,  is (Steve Kerr) working with alot more in terms of scoring options in the starting Line-up as well as off the bench then the Bulls ever had when he was a player. Four of the Starters on the warriors are averaging 10+ ppg where as where as there was only 3 were on the Bulls. The Warriors bench consists of Mid level Stars, Scorers and even All Stars such as Livingstong, Bogut, and Iguodala. The Bulls literally Relied on Jordan and Pippen, with a bench filled by Kerr,Wennington, and Simpkins it is easy to see why.

Not that any of this information can predict another MVP season or Championship for Curry and the warriors, it is just giving respect to a player who like Jordan has become unstoppable. Kevin Garnett would put it.

“Like Michael Jordan was a whole other thing, this guy is his own thing. It’s beautiful for basketball.”

2 thoughts on “Can the Warriors Break the 95-96 Bulls 72-10 Record

  1. Some of yall forgeting why the 2nd Bulls Threepeat Team was so dominant: THEY WERE THE OG SMALL-BALL TEAM.
    They would routinely sit out one of the the three-headed monsters (Longley, Wennington, Edwards) and run small ball lineups with:
    PG: Harper
    SG: GOAT
    SF: Pippen (Robin)
    PF: Kukoc (The Waiter)
    C: Rodman (The Worm)
    PG: Pippen
    SG: Kerr
    SF: GOAT
    PF: Kukoc
    C: Rodman
    The 3point line was shorter during thst time (22 feet around), so GOAT, PIP, and Kukoc were bombing them too. And, GOAT is the best post player of all time (sorry Wilt, Kareem, Dream, Shaq).
    So, when Charles Barkley says the 96 Bulls would murder these current Warriors, he’s right — that Bulls team was 20 years ahead of the curve and had the GOAT.
    Doesn’t it make sense where Steve Kerr got the balls to trot that Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Igoudala, Green line-up? HE USED TO PLAY IN ONE JUST LIKE IT

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