“A plurality of Americans are no longer Republicans or Democrats. These Americans want a new combination of beliefs. These Americans are fiscally conservative and also concerned with personal liberty. A philosophy that joins economic and personal liberty becomes a potent political force. Such a philosophy transcends typical political labels and parties – and crosses all classes. A candidate who defends liberty can unify the country.”

A Breath of Fresh Air. Independent Right leaning Libertarian Rand Paul is as close to “For the People” as you can possibly get in this day in Age. His combination of Stances from both sides of the spectrum put him into a category unlike any ever seen running for POTUS. Without the Fundraising money of Carson, Clinton, or Sanders, and without Trumps Personal Check book, it is completely understandable for people not to be talking about the man.

That being said.

It’s Part Of Rand’s Plan.

America’s Culture Shifts over the last 20 years happen at the drop of a dime. Rand understands that our congress is being held back over stagnate ideas being upheld by officials with no term limits.

America’s Ideas are changing. Their outdated congress members are not.

The Washington Machine has grown out of control. From People being scared about personal emails being read, to drones flying over suburban areas, it is obvious why Paul wants A Smaller Government and supports the Right To bear arms.

When the Government Violates the 4th The People have the Right to Exercise the 2nd.

The Tax system in America has been taking advantage of the working force for some time. With a growing number of wages taken out of each check Rand Paul understands that a new approach to system that hurts its people is needed. He has Proposed a Flat tax, that would keep the 1% from paying nothing and the back bone of the country from over paying. On the topic of Jobs in the United states, he also believes that there needs to be a Reform on background checks that hurt a candidates chances of landing a job.

What’s really bizarre is the Rights reluctance to back a candidate who clearly states his agenda. Rand Paul listens to the people, as well as share’s deeply embedded roots with Republicans on Abortion and the United States backing Israel.

Unlike alot of the Political Puppets running around catching fire under the spot light. Rand Paul does not Propose ideas without researching the topic first.

We asked the experts at the nonpartisan Tax Foundation to estimate what this plan would mean for jobs, and whether we are raising enough money to fund the government. The analysis is positive news: The plan is an economic steroid injection. Because the Fair and Flat Tax rewards work, saving, investment and small business creation, the Tax Foundation estimates that in 10 years it will increase gross domestic product by about 10%, and create at least 1.4 million new jobs.

Another Example from Last Nights GOP debate. 

Huffington Post From Milwaukee GOP Debate


Rand Paul’s Personal Website


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