Rodgers Disapears Week 7 Recap, Packers Mid-Season Predictions


On Sunday a battle Between two of the best Teams in the NFL squared off. One team looked like their Undefeated start was a fluke of sorts. The Packers and Arron Rodgers produced a total of 140 yards, 77 of those being by Mr. Discount Double check himself. The Broncos 29-10 victory has to have them in the Superbowl talk halfway through the season. Although Manning did not throw a touchdown, his game management skills giving Denver 24 first downs and a fifty percent success rate on third down, was a common sight by arguably the best regular season Quarterback in history. The broncos tallied up 11 penalties compared to the Packers 2, which is usually an indicator of TOP (time of possession) and inevitable final score, this game was not the case. Not Only did Denver hold the ball more the Green Bay, Rodgers was unable to capitalize on any Broncos mishap and the Packers only produced 14 first downs all game. You have to Give the Denver Broncos Defense a pat on the Back considering how manning is only ranked 14th in the league in YPG (yards per game) and has only thrown 7 touchdowns with 11 interceptions. Rodgers lack off offensive weapons is becoming unmistakably apparent on paper. Although he’s thrown 15 touchdowns and only 2 ints with an outstanding QBR (quarterback rating) of 110.9, the key pieces he’s once had to open up the running game and move the chains on third seem to be lacking. More and more weight is being put on the former MVP’s shoulders but should not cause concern for Packer Fans. Like most great QBs Rodgers can make others around him better. Look for someone to have a breakout second half of the season whether veterans Cobb or Jones or someone else fills the spot.

Next Week will be a true test of the Packers ability to go far in the Playoffs. They face the Carolina Panthers who Play tonight on Monday night Football against the struggling Colts. Rodgers and the Packers will either face another undefeated team in Carolina, or a team who had a reality check much like they did on Sunday.

Rodgers looks good this year. If he was not outstanding its safe to say the packers could be a two win team at this point in the season. Rodgers looks Superbowl Ready despite the game against the Broncos,  the packers as a team, do not. Look for the packers to continue to have players step up and fill into rolls. Which i think could lead Rodgers to his Second Superbowl Championship.

Next Sunday Packers should be behind their general and pull out a win. Watch for Lacy to produce and have a bounce back week giving Rodgers a Big game. Cam Newton is rolling on all cylinders and this could be one of the best games of the season.

Packers Win 31-24

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