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Motet couldn’t escape them.

She could hear them on her heels.

That noise was awful, something you’d expect the devil himself to be scared of.

The clouds cloaked the moon to nonexistence, she couldn’t see her feet hit the ground, one false move and she’d also be cloaked. She couldn’t be sure how many she was running from, although one would be more then enough to leave no trace of her behind if caught. Her only hope was passing by one of the jars she had placed in locations among the hills. The jars contained firefly’s. Trenches to tunnels Motet and her father had dug for many years. She knew the tunnels like the back of her hand and could possibly escape if she could find one of those jars. A glance over her shoulder reveled those eyes, she never knew such a deep red could be visible in such darkness, still you could see them from a mile away. Who was to know if they were a foot away or a mile, either way Motet couldn’t out run them, out of breath as she ran between the hills she looked to her right and sure enough, the firefly’s. A hard break right and she was at the entrance. Shutting the door behind her was a temporary solution, they would surely break through it in no time and be close on her trail.

The tunnels were a maze to everyone besides her. She had memorized them, her father had even blind folded her after the completion as a test. In the maze there was no need to see her soles hit the ground every turn every trap mapped out in her head crystal clear.  She continued through the tunnel full stride, a leap over the first pit filled with Bones of animals sharpened to fine points. Never missing a beat she came to the first turn, hesitating she looked back to see how close they were behind. Almost in unison a crash through the weak door startled her. Two sets of eyes, dark red pools, peered into her soul. As soon as those eyes became visible she turnt right knowing the left route didn’t have enough turns or traps to loose two of these things. Between her Full strides, Motets deep breaths echoed down the long halls. Ducking under home made barb wire that dropped a sort of guillotine mechanism, once something had become entangled in it, she kept up the pace but didn’t know how much longer she could sustain it. She had finally entered the room who’s shaped resembled the sun and with what seemed to be an endless amount of corridors being the beams of light, she knew only one of these tunnels would keep her alive.

A shriek bounced off the walls.

The guillotine had dropped. One of the beasts had been eliminated.

The hellish sound that followed her had broke her focus and now had her second guessing which tunnel was the path to salvation.

Her Father told her if she was to ever get lost to yell in different directions and see which tunnel didn’t have a echo. That would be the path that let her out of this maze that could soon end up her tomb. Motet frantically yelled down different tunnels and by the sixth she had found the one without the echo. She knew that just because she had found the right path, she couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. The short break had her helped her catch her breath and she took off in full stride again. Afraid to look back knowing that she had given the beast time to catch up she knew if she could make it to the end of the tunnel her fathers last trap would get rid of the demon that followed her. Bends and turns and no sound behind her motet was worried of the silence. Only her heavy breathing filled the corridors as the sight of the last jar gave her hope, she knew this was the exit. Just as her hope had been restored she felt a swipe catch her foot causing her to almost hit the ground but she caught her fall and kept pressing forward. Her breathing in the corridor was now muffled behind the grunts of this thing behind her. Knowing she couldn’t take the time to open the wooden exit she crashed trough and pressed the lever. The beast was visible now looking back peering into the Red pools that substituted for this animals eyes and explosion went off leaving no trace of the animal anywhere. She made it.  The blast was surely enough to light up the night sky and she knew she needed to make it to safety soon, she surely attracted more of the creatures that had just caused her to run for her life.

Motet navigated the hills back to her house using the stars. Her father had taught her an assortment of tricks before the war and famine had gotten to them. As if he knew he would’t make it and had to pass  on his knowledge before it was to late. It seemed like forever ago although it had only been 3 years since everything had fallen apart. At first the war was the most common reason for death, but after the use of that chemical they didn’t need to kill people anymore. Once it was put into the water systems no one was safe. The world around her was empty, it had been over a year since she had had contact with another person. It was her and a variety of monsters that used to be people, inhabiting the north coast.

After hours of walking she finally came to the city which was now a wasteland. She and her father had found an old office building 30 stories tall that they had made into their home. They had rigged the old Elevator shaft with their own pull elevator so that they wouldn’t have to walk all 23 flights of stairs to get to the floor where they slept. This floor had multiple offices Motet used like rooms in a house.Once inside the office that was used as a bed room, You would never know of the disasters down on the street from inside this sanctuary. It was state of the art. The bed looked lavish her father had set up Motets room knowing there would be little peace when they left the building so he wanted her to feel at peace when she was inside. The Big 60 Inch flat screen had become the only thing to remind her of a world that once was. Although television broadcasting had went out years ago she still had an assortment of DVDs she would download onto a hard drive so she was able to relax in her free times. She liked to think of herself as “The Savior of Cinematography” tonight’s movie before bed would be one of her fathers favorites The Sound Of Music. Her Father loved music so much he had taken the time to bring a large piano up to their 23rd floor. He had also loved music so much he had named her Motet of course. A short while into the movie She could feel her eye lids getting heavy.

The screen went blank.

She knew the generator they used for power on the 23rd floor was working fine and her clock was still on next to her bed.

A bright flash of light and a mans face appeared on the screen.

“Broadcasting to every Television still working, we are The Seven. The world has become a dark place, but if there are any survivors left, we have made a safe haven that has begun to rebuild a large city. It is protected, we have food, there are plenty of survivors, Tens of thousands. There will be ships docking at all major ports and scanning the coast lines for anyone still left. Be careful traveling to the areas and we hope to see you soon.”

The screen changed back to The Sound Of Music.

What had she just seen? She had never seen this mans face ever in her life. What was The Seven and how were there tens of thousands of people still alive when she hadn’t seen a soul in a year?

She couldn’t be sure what to make of the mysterious man, but her comfortable life alone was one that lead nowhere. Taking a chance to make it to the port was possible she had done it before with her father but she also knew it was dangerous and the last time she went to the port was the last time she saw her father ever.

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    • I’m on a break writing, some things have to happen first, and this isn’t as influential as my other writing or I would, it’s just really to show my range, but thank you I appreciate it means a lot.

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