Rakeem Miles Can’t Be Stopped

February 10th the Talented Artist Rakeem Miles of Organic Geniuses Dropped and Album titled Adderall. I was fortunate enough to get to talk to him about his new project and ask a couple more questions for the OG Tribe Fans.

Q: Rakeem its been awhile, a little more then a year, a lot of your fans have been waiting for a new piece of work and a couple days ago you dropped Adderall, which is your first Album correct, or first that’s available on Itunes? What can people expect from this body of work that’s different from Depression?

A: Yes this is my debut album the others are Mixtapes, and don’t expect the same sound as Depression but definitely expect the roots to be in the music I make but I will never have the same sound. So look forward to something different with this new album.

Q: Do any of the Artists from Organic Geniuses make an appearance on the album? Which ones?

A: Yes one does, and that’s Matt Granpap

Q: Speaking of Matt Granpap, my personal favorite is actually the song he features on titled “Breathe”. What was the thought process of the song, and why do you think its good for these young African America Artists to keep speaking out about discrimination in 2015?

A: The songs about equality. The songs more about everyone coming together and views of each race from their perspective, and what they don’t understand about the opposite race because of the wall between both races. Mike G OF

Q: In our first interview I compared you guys to other groups such as Odd Future for the simple fact you have a large group of talented people who all push for a single cause that being Organic Genius. March 1st you’re preforming with Mike G at the Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia. How did you mange to pull that off, have you spoken to Mike G yet or had any conversations with him?

A: I organized the show myself because I have been a fan of Mike G’s music, his stuff actually makes sense and it’s dope. I wanted to put together a show with all talented artist on the same bill.

Q: Tell me about Cant Stop Me why did you choose one of the shorter songs on the album to be your first music video? Will it be the only one from the album?

A: I’ll be dropping more music videos soon, but can’t stop me is just a outro.

 Q: Although you dropped the Album Adderall on iTunes can we expect other music from Rakeem to pop up this year on Soundcloud or in singles?

A: Yes and most likely singles through iTunes, I don’t like to use Soundcloud

 Q: Any word on the other guys starting projects or are there any other OG Tribe projects being made right now?

A: Mike Melinoe has some stuff in the works and Astrum also. Hijayy has some fire coming soon so we are all working basically .

 Q: Like I always say I think OG Tribe is destined for great things. Before I wrap this up any thoughts or comments on the Album Adderall or anything you would like your growing fan base to know about the album?

A: Yes this album is not a reference about drugs. This album title is simply because I was prescribed ADDERALL my whole life and it is what made me focus and graduate school and accomplish a lot of things while suffering from ADHD. The concept behind it is, I’ve stayed focus my whole life on what I wanted to accomplish and never looked back, and when you are on ADDERALL you don’t do anything but focus on your task, and that’s what I’ve done all my life is focus on my task so I used that to describe what I have done in my life to get where I am now.

Adderall Rakeem

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https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/adderall/id956739678 – Adderall Album on iTunes

https://twithttps://soundcloud.com/weirdoutside/rakeem-miles-cant-stop-me-prod-weird-inside – Organic Geniuses’s Sound Cloud

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